The roar of the waves and the wind in the hair

Just that this photographer blogged a picture of the pier where I grew up. I had to share..!


7 thoughts on “The roar of the waves and the wind in the hair

  1. Howdy, I replied to you on the “Daily Post”. Thanks for posting the link. I can see you are well practised in both blogging and making the overall picture nice. I can see that your sexuality figures large in your life. Somewhat understandable. Yet it’s right in the face, for other bloggers unless sharing your point of view. I’m a hetro male …. yeah I know … boo sucks? I was born and raised in NW London, moved to Canada in mid seventies. I just think that there is so much going on in the world, I’m a little surprised that you find it hard to find a new, or newer, direction? Like your blog with all those pictures and art, etc. Wonderful. You show the skills. Maybe, it’s time to spread your wings a little? A person does not need to ditch their values. Love who you are and show how there’s more to it. Love makes the world go round. … I’ll get off of the soapbox now.

    1. I LOVE HETERO MALES (just not in that sense)!
      As an experiment I have altered my masthead as I hadn’t thought of that – Originally my blog helped other lesbians in Bangkok with their pregnancies and so it used to be important. I think perhaps it’s not so much now, as I am the first to say that I don’t let my sexuality define me. I am me, and this is my family.
      Thank you for your feedback!

      1. I have a couple of lesbian acquaintances. We have no problem with sexuality. Yet, I was attempting to be light-hearted, in my comments. For it might have been an issue? Good for you! I look forward to more posts, to see what you come up with. Who knows, we may get along quite nicely? Perhaps, you need another blog? One that keeps the current support in place, for your friends, while allowing for another creative place to post stuff? … whatever!

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