Mega m-e-l-t-d-o-w-n

Phew. I have a sucky cold. An eye-and-nose-watery-dry-chesty-cough sort of cold.

We had a fun weekend and the girls were good, but I got home from work today to the beginnings of a meltdown. It was constant screaming from one girl or the other till sleep took a much needed hold at about 7.50pm.

What do you guys do to handle this stuff, man?

There is this twin dynamic, then there is the particular relationship these twins have (I is impish and O responds with dramatics at every tiny interference by her sister). Then there is the fact that they are two.

We try not to respond to wails and screams; but we want them to know we are there no matter what. Have I been ‘too soft’? Is that why? Or was the mistake plain and simple: we saw they were exhausted and carried on till their usual bedtime?

Answers on a postcard (that must age me horribly)…

I have not posted the wonderful post about snow yet (their first!). The snow so far has been like British snow: half-hearted and brief. I expected far more serious cold.

Bye for now!


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