Forgotten battleground…

In my last post I referred to our major battlegrounds. I forgot one.

If you read the post ‘House of pain‘, you can guess that I’m talking about teeth.

After the foul bloody-mouths incident we enlisted help from a timer app featuring that little squirt up there ^^. We now have two very healthy gobs which are clean, pink-gummed and don’t smell like rotting flesh. So that’s good.

But teeth time is still a totally miserable experience for everyone involved, nine times out of ten.

Using the little 2 minute timer, which involves a song and a cartoon dance, is a great idea. Once you have held them down screaming and writhing and cleaned your kid’s teeth, they earn some tokens and can buy clothes for the androgynous dancing toothpaste-person. But it quickly became boring for the girls and ceased to be a motivation. And what’s more it got them far too interested in our hitherto out-of-bounds iPhones.

Here are some of the outfits the girls chose for squirt:



So we continue holding down raging screaming children while brushing their teeth but simply use the second hand on the clock on the wall.

Next post we will tell you about snow toddles.

Happy new year!!


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