Eating, dressing, speaking


I’m here and I have to remember the stuff I thought would be interesting.

We were getting concerned about the girls not speaking any thai. We did a little research and found that we probably should not worry as the girls will continue to absorb thai if they hear it, even if they are not using it. AW has been speaking to them in thai only for the last 6 weeks or so. The thing we were advised to do was be a bit stricter and / or have AW pretend not to understand if the girls answer in English. It is already having an effect, and I am really proud to hear them speaking in Thai as well as English. เราอยากให้ลูกเราพูดภาษาไทยเก่งเพราะว่าเป็นลูกครึ่งไทย นึกดูว่าถ้าลูกไม่พูดภาษาไทยครอบครัวคนไทยของเราจะเสียใจมากคะ . It’s really important that they don’t forget! There are a lot of people in Thailand who love them!

It’s freezing again.
The girls seem to be railing a bit against going out. We have two major struggle points with the girls and dressing to go out (and sometimes to sleep) is one of them. Is this normal, folks? Any anecdotes to share on this?

I am loving the Christmas break and being at home. It has been so great to spend time with them. They are such chatterboxes! In the summer they still said so little- now it is impossible to tell you what they can say- there is too much. They love to sing all the kids’ songs and can say all the numbers to 10 (don’t know what they’re for). They understand sooooo much. They are so bright and really fun characters (when not overtired). This time we agreed to keep to AW’s routine which means 11.30 in the morning is nap time. It does mean that we can’t go out much as the girls WILL NOT sleep in a buggy and obviously I don’t have two backs to carry them. So we have been at home- trying out some new indoor activities ( I have been failing a bit… My playdough was a giant fail, my second batch of cookies were utterly different to the first batch (why??!!) and my flying fish activity was also a disaster. I could not understand the badly written instructions). Our hilarious ‘paint’ on the huge kitchen wall has been decorated so much by our creative offspring that we will soon have to ask the landlord to repaint it- and I hope we can push for something wipe-clean. The walls are red under the whitewash and that stuff is little more than liquid chalk – as soon as you wet it, well..!


The second battleground is food. Our two were cared for by their granny while I had to return to work (mat leave only 3 months where I was living…). She is from a different culture where kids don’t sit in high chairs so the twins were fed on the floor with her running about after them all around the room. I didn’t like it but it was impossible to do things differently as I was not physically there most of the time and they are /were a real handful for anyone, especially a 70-year-old. Now they will sort of sit but only on my lap and they usually want to eat off my plate and shove food in my mouth. It’s all right for now but it is quite embarrassing when we eat with other families, whose kids of the same age sit properly and even wear bibs (we should be so lucky!!!). Any advice on this? So difficult! They are also sooo fussy about what they eat these days :/

We didn’t really get a good present for the girls- we planned to buy balance bikes to replace their tacky (and too-small) trikes. Buy when we looked into them they were pricy and not the ones we’d been hoping to buy. So we popped an ISO notice in a local trade page, and sure enough we have found the ones we wanted offered, second hand! I have yet to collect them, but will do soon 🙂

(The other is blue)

I hope we will be able to celebrate new year a teeny bit – not sure how unless we are at home though – I hope 2015 brings you everything you wish for. I can think of a lot of things I hope for (primarily they relate to the future of my country, and without wishing to alienate myself, the public and utter humiliation of the coalition at the election in May). But above all, I wish for the continued good health and contentment of my girls.

Love, and happy new year!

Indoor activities:





2 thoughts on “Eating, dressing, speaking

  1. Cute wee things! Argh the food stuff sounds like a mission. Can you show them a picnic and then start them eating on a cloth in a set area of the floor? At least it might give them a visual reminder of where they are sposed to be staying and a fun reason to do so. Happy New Year!

  2. We are having a lot of the same struggles with Jaxson. He gets to run around at his grandparents with food and drink and started wanting to do the same at our house – no way Jose’! We had to take him out of the highchair (he started climbing out) and now he has just a booster seat with a “seatbelt” which he loves buckling. I don’t know why, but it worked for him (and keeps him contained at the table!) He’s also extremely picky but I think his reason is his canines coming through this month – he hasn’t wanted to eat much of anything.

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