Season’s Greetings

well, it is the end of a relatively successful Xmas day.

It was a bit of a landmark for us because A) the girls were big enough to open prezzies; B) Mummy AW was at home too – the first time since we met; C) my parents were not involved as they are visiting big-little brother and his fiancé in Tanzania where they live (not easy for my mum and dad, eh?) and D) because Ivy weed on a potty!

It was great fun setting the stockings up for the girls.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/2da/38567294/files/2014/12/img_3283.jpg (yes, I made them and yes, I’m really not much cop at sewing). I struggled to find a useful sort of stocking here: it was either super fancy-pants from Marks and Spencer or terrible third hand from a charity shop (as a twin mum, shopping opportunities are severely limited – browsing… ? You must be kidding..!). I had this fabric left over from years ago. I tried making seat covers for the buggy out of it previously (sufficed for a year or so), but it mostly lived in the cupboard, so I borrowed a sewing machine and did these very swiftly.

We had a nice xmas lunch out at a restaurant around the corner with my good friend from work- they were very tolerant of our four hyperactive toddlers.


I also got my first onesie, which I am enjoying snuggling in. And swapped several baby wraps for this escher beauty by Artipoppe. Happy Christmas to me!



Christmas was also preceded by the girls’ 2nd birthday, so it has been quite exciting for them… they are 2. HOW DID IT HAPPEN?





I hope you had a super Christmas, wherever you were.


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