What’s new pussycats?

Well, quite a bit. We are in winter. It has swept over us like a blanket at bedtime. Is that a good analogy? If it makes you think of snow, then that’s sort of right. There has been snow (but it did not settle). The temperature has plunged and I am wearing a coat very kindly given to me by a colleague, which is amazingly snuggly and burnt orange (And makes me look like The Michelin Man might do if he asked for a full body service in a tanning salon instead of his usual workshop.)

I include some pictures of the trees and bushes I passed that morning. This was a far from typical freeze:







Beautiful, right?

This remarkable phenomenon was due to all night sleet and freezing temperatures. The freezing rain kept on falling, gradually coating everything, making the humblest of bare branch look like a Christmas display. The big trees apparently are really dangerous like this because the weight of the ice can make them fall over. Because the crazy sleet coated the tram lines in the city, the trams had to stop running – that has NEVER HAPPENED HERE. It didn’t last long, and although the temperature is still low, everything has are normalised. Apparently, this isn’t even cold (could have fooled me, brrrrr!)


This morning is much more of a typical Prague winter morning. It is -5°, my fingers are freezing and so is my nose but I’m walking through the streets in awe of a beautiful white crusty covering.


Unfortunately it most certainly is not glittering in the sunlight because there is also freezing mist all around. However this morning there is no crazy sleet crystal but it’s interesting walking past all of the same plants which I photographed. They are completely different and I would never have stopped to look at them had it not been for that beauteous morning.

So with the girls what else is new?. Well the singing. The singing originally was magical and sweet – we cooed at this new skill. I was also very impressed singing so nicely in tune (although readers who know me might not be so surprised about that). However when they are in good spirits, these days all they do is sing. REALLY LOUDLY. It is getting a bit less cute.

There is also a worry that the girls are naughtier than other children. I don’t know if it is exactly a founded fear, as we haven’t mixed with other kids so much, but everyone who spends time with them (including us) comes away exclaiming about what a handful they are. If Ivy’s will is thwarted, there is rage. If Olive has to leave my arms for a moment, there is drama. It is so difficult.

Mum has been visiting

and it’s been absolutely lovely. I had such a nice time seeing her. The girls called her granny, which she was very pleased about. We started to feel quite Christmassy but it was impossible to put up the tree because when we tried the girls just ripped everything off I didn’t understand. Incidentally actually I made the tree- how cool is that? I used the old packing paper that we got in all the boxes when the shipping arrived. I know it was a good idea not to throw it all away although I didn’t know at the time what I might do with it.

Don’t worry there is still an awful lot of packing paper left for further crafty endeavours. Seeing as our tree will be mauled /pushed over and tinkered with in the best possible circumstances we will leave it until much nearer actual Christmas Day to put it up. This is really annoying me because I want to put up my masterpiece of home-made tree-ery. I think it will look super with the lights.

Onto the crazy world of wraps.
(Feel free to skip this part)
Most of you know I am partial to some pretty fabric to wrap the girls in. My tastes have become somewhat more sophisticated than in the beginning, although I can mostly be seen rocking animal print. I don’t exaggerate when I say I have lost count of the number of wraps I have bought and sold. None of them have ever been new. Other people’s wear softens wraps, making them more comfortable to use, so generally speaking a used wrap does not lose much value. Furthermore, as it becomes harder to find a design or fabric blend, the prices rise.

Last week I won a beautiful Sling Studio wrap (never happened before), and so I had the excitement of receiving a wrap direct from the company in a box with some lovely fabric treats. I had to give it its first wash – for a wool wrap, that means soaking it in the bathtub and then pressing the moisture out gently with towels. It is quite scary as if you felt a wrap it’s worthless (as a wrap) as felted wool etc have no give or stretch. They could even rip when carrying a weighty toddler. So that was also exciting (if you’re into wraps).
There is a company which makes high-end wraps in small batches and releases them on etsy with little warning. There are mamas who are always online in these moments and pay the retail price, but it is really hard to manage this. Because demand is so high, people tend to sell them later at a higher price. There are also draws and competitions and stuff. I have a couple of wraps by this company second hand but have never even seen wraps in the etsy shop as as soon as they stock, they’re gone in the blink of an eye.

then I actually saw the stocking of the etsy shop and just clicked and clicked, all the way to the end of the purchase (there are endless online stories of trying to buy something and finding that someone with faster internet has already paid (you just don’t get to buy it)). So I also just scored my first (and last) etsy release Artipoppe wrap. This is exciting (if you care about wraps). It is in the amazing tyger [sic] pattern and it is cashmere and silk woven into cotton. As these wraps are supposed to be impossible to get, I never expected to be successful, and I didn’t actually have the money for it. So I sold the sling studio. This wrap needed a bath as well, and even though it arrived on Friday, it still wasn’t dry by Sunday night. So it hasn’t been used.



I think I am a full blown threadhead. I used it as a blanket whilst watching Masterchef.


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