update – the breathless-with-twins edition

-immigration visited us to check we are really a couple

-my phone was nicked

-my bike was nicked

-but I got some new wraps to play with

-the girls won’t stop talking

-Ivy is suddenly HUGE

-it’s a long weekend (surprise!!! I have been so busy I didn’t know about it) to mark the end of the communist regime.

-one of my all time favourite people is coming to visit next weekend with her partner whom I’ve never met.




6 thoughts on “update – the breathless-with-twins edition

    1. Unfortunately not. But it may still turn up as the police took it very seriously. The phones have lots of unique numbers and stuff. I had to get a new one in the meantime. The bike was going to come into its own I. The spring, I’d decided. Hey ho! We are all fine and the rest of life is grand. X

      1. I don’t think any of us could do without our phones. 🙂 I mean more – did it have anything irreplaceable about it? Most things you can buy replacements for at least, but some things – like my typewriter, are irreplaceable (it belonged to my much loved grandfather). My computer I would only miss for some pictures I don’t have backed up online, etc.

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