No brain cells. Today: utter madness.

Started off a bit crazily because no one would eat breakfast. So we went out a bit late, having waited ages. By then it was (as usual) a ridiculous struggle to get on one’s shoes, but Olive was especially silly. Even with two adults, you put on one girl’s coat and then her shoes and then turn to the other and it’s all off again in seconds. We play this merry dance for 30 minutes or so. I wrapped O to take her to the park and after about two minutes she was sleeping. I woke her when we got there…. It began badly and didn’t get much better. No one ate till 4.30 and there was very little sleeping (none for Ivy!). When Olive is tired / grumpy, my breasts spend a large part of the day being mauled and I just. needed. 5 minutes.

Oh double trouble, there is little more I can say. Will try later to explain in greater depth if possible (but not sure if the day’s relentlessness can be conveyed? Perhapswritingwithoutspacesorpunctuationmightdoitwhoknows)

AW deserves a medal for looking after these two by herself. I had been getting ready to write a post about how they can do most of the ‘by the end of 24 months’ stuff, but I am feeling a lot less smug after today. I worry we may have a right pair of eccentrics on our hands. You know when teachers use the euphemism ‘spirited’? That’s what I’m talking about.

Good night!


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