Prague musings; visits, permits and twin trouble.

Hey again. It’s a Saturday and I have had a break from work… It has to be half term! Whoopety whoop! But over too quickly. It will be Monday and back in the swamp before I have time to say ‘glass of wine’.

Today my cover image is of my first handwoven sling. And my first tester visit. It is amazing. It is by Tkanee, and homegrown Czech product. I will review it on the babywearing page of my blog soon.

What have we been up to? Well, Grannie visited and it was GREAT to spend time with her and see her with the girls. They were everything they are for her in glorious technicolour; at times charming and bright, and at others petulant and foul. We had a lovely week. It can be a bit difficult having another body in our place though. It’s a spacious flat but it doesn’t have a guest room – someone sleeping in the living space is a little bit…. Well, it would be fine but the twins take all our concentration and energy. Having the twins at this age is a feeling of just-about-coping – there is so little room for more to consider. So I feel like a crappy hostess. There is a hotel a few doors down and mum will sleep there next time.

We managed a trip to see the Dr this week as well- she was a super lady whose eyelids bat at nothing. We were astounded that there was no fuss with the insurer when we were seeking help with a pre-existing condition too. AnoTher very positive experience. Girls stayed at the playground with Grannie.
We did not manage an evening (or even an hour in an evening) out to celebrate our anniversary. AW insists it would not be fun. She might be right but I would like to find out. I think I mentioned that the place I want to go is almost opposite our flat, so if things went wrong at home, it would hardly be a disaster.
Anyway, that is still to come; I’m working on it.
Any other news? Well I picked up my Czech residency permit on Wednesday. Exciting.

It is a very easy process (if you or a companion understand Czech). Now we wait for word on the next step with AW’s application. I was advised we should expect the police to visit our address to check we live together. I just hope they are polite (unlike their UK counterparts).

The girls. The girls, the girls. I am going to pen a post about them soon. They are really something. Their words and phrases are growing all the time. They like to play “goodnight” together. They get under the covers, lie down, say “goodnight”, and close their eyes. I’m amazed how they are speaking sooo much- and the rate that they are learning new stuff.

And the thing about bashing and hitting? It is getting worse, I think. At least not so much biting.



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