Dilemmas of a binational lesbian family #1452

I just got paid. This calls for serious joy and laughter etc. We last had a full pay check on June 30th.

Ouch, right?

Except, the pay is kind of disappointing. I am absolutely not complaining. It’s enough. It’s just that we rented our place based on a different amount, and we are very much about putting something away for the future. So…. We need to re-budget. It’s kind of bye-bye any dreams of whizzing about to different EU cities at the weekends. Especially as I feel my first travel expense, were I to spend, ought to be Tanzania (for my brother’s wedding) or Thailand; nothing really that I would choose to spend loads on were I given a choice. Woe is me (not really).

What happened was simple: I had checked the taxation rate as at 15% and calculated my nett pay accordingly. It has come to me quite short of that amount, and turns out there are many additional contributions payable. Duh.

On the upside, CZ has really cool provision for families – I think we are going to be eligible for Czech parental contributions for children under 4. But not till I have worked a certain amount of time and have contributed into the system. It’s like UK child benefit (which we have missed out on for now).

Either way, we still get enough money to get by, but it is going to be different from Bangkok. I imagine we will still save money- AW enabled us to continue putting money away even when we were IVF and empty-rental-property broke, so I’m sure she will have no issue now either.

So what are we gonna do? I don’t want to run out on my job after 2 years, just at the point when the girls will be starting (at my) school here. However, making this our long term home is not totally simple either. I have made some enquiries and it seems for the residency to mean anything here we will have to be here at least 10 years, which is another game-changer. Instead of staying 4 years as we planned, I guess it will be only 2. However, I do not know what to do after that. Everyone in the UK says it’s fine, but they either already have mortgages, or rent from a council (which is absolutely affordable). There is a true cost-of-living crisis – working families relying on good banks etc. I think what I must do is probably accept that London is out of the question. This is a bitter pill to swallow as London, rather than the UK in general, is the place I regard as my home. Now our immigration barriers are largely broken down, we face the reality of swapping this lovely place for yet more unknowns. I’d feel ok about Brighton, which is a stone’s throw from my parents. But most of the London problems are also present there- high housing costs- but teaching jobs are fewer and further between.

We just have to sit tight, I suppose. I wonder if I just need to think less. At the moment we have so many ‘what if?’s to work through. I can’t see where we’ll be in 5 years. That is tough. Perhaps I need to take stock more carefully of the absolutely fantastic things in my life right now. There are many. I should hold on to that and stop worrying about what might come next. And learn Czech


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