Enough new stuff.

It’s early morning tram time again, and lots has been happening, so here we are:

The key saga
Poor AW was locked out on Wednesday. One of girls, it eventually transpired, had removed them from AW’s packed bag and dropped them on the floor in the flat. Ivy slammed the door closed on the way out before Aw had had a chance to fish for the key in her bag. She had a huge panic and tried unsuccessfully to ask for help but after all managed: to get a taxi; to establish my school’s address; to find me in my classroom to get my keys; not to explode. That was not a good day for her. She left our buggy in the street the whole time and no one ran off with it. But she coped. Proud wife over here.(*waves* ^_^)

The shipping saga
It’s over. We have our belongings (I think I need to part with some of them – I can’t believe how many handbags I a) have; and b) thought they were worth shipping). It is a lot. Nothing was damaged. On delivery I thought that something very helpful about Thailand was highlighted- they always send enough people to do a job properly. Here, I was flabbergasted to greet one lone man to deliver our 18 boxes. To drag 18 boxes from the van, and up to the mezzanine where the lift is, and from the lift up another flight to our place. We plied him with water (sweaty work) and passed him a beer and a tip when he’d finished. Needless to say, there is nowhere to put the handbags (or shoes) in the apartment, and they are staying in a box in the storeroom for a while. Really happy to see my paintings and the girls’ toys. Not so fussed about the ridiculous boxes of documents ‘proving’ our relationship which we began collecting years ago when we imagined we might shimmy on back to the UK on an ‘unmarried partner visa’ (now defunct I believe). I am pretty sure that this path will not require us to use it, especially as we are now married with children and that the EU fully respects that. You never know though, with all this talk the UK pulling out of the EU. Best to be cautious.

The Oh-my-god-my-new-job-is-more-unrelenting-than-my-last saga.
There has barely been a ‘normal’ week, since the start of term. this is the first week we have been on any kind of normal timetable. But it is reports. If there is anything worse than writing student reports, it’s writing them for new eyes, with different emphases and different differentiness. Have I already mentioned how exhausting differentiness + twins is? I think I might have done!! Teaching… I know we get time off which is enviable. But are any of you in a profession which requires you to give presentations to audiences? Isn’t that exhausting? ImagIne if the whole of your job, every day, all today was this- like a salesman with a new product; you are endlessly performing, interacting, questioning. You have to earn the kids’ respect and keep it. Aside from those holidays there is no rest. When you aren’t in performing-monkey-teacher mode you are endlessly shuffling paper. Now I’m getting home, putting the girls to bed and getting my work out to carry on- it is unrelenting. I always had the energy before.

Once everything is just less damned new, I’m sure it will be better. Great even. Glad it’s Friday today! Now I put away my phone for my misty, soul-repairing woodland walk. I hear birdsong.


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