Which wellies?

I heed help.

I have never been a tally-Ho, woodsy sort of girl, but perhaps that is because I have never lived near any. In Prague, and particularly my Prague, there are loads of parks and woods and I think I must already have bored you to death with my woodland commute.

The shipping (still not arrived..!!) is bringing me a range of shoes, but the flea-market wellies I bought on a whim have proved priceless. But they are also already in TATTERS. 20140930-103520-38120856.jpgStill better for 20140930-103519-38119004.jpgbad weather, forests and mud than the cute fabric shoes I brought with me from Bangkok, but the only intact bit is the sole.

So, I am carrying them on the way to work till I get to the forest and changing. Then changing out of them on the tram after work. It is a bit annoying. They are just too ridiculous to be seen in passing through Prague’s gorgeous inner-city. They never were subtle (leopard print), and now they are perished and shredded, I feel so stupid in their look-at-me foot-hugs. What’s more, winter is on the horizon. Wellies (and ones which can bear their soles (and uppers) in a city are a must.

But WHICH WELLIES? These are my faves

(I love bees, i dream one day of keeping them), but the reviews for this supposedly durable brand suggest that I could very soon be walking about in another pair or leaky, split look-at-me feet.

There is certainly no shortage of choice. I do not want heels. That is all.

Any advice? I’m welly confused.


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