Macro micro

It is Sunday and we are here at the zoo in Prague. As usual, there has been lots of excitement and agitation; we lost our annual pass which was so annoying. Fortunately, in this day and age, all you have to do is show your ID and they zap your details from the database and wahay! A new card (for a small fee) is yours.

There is precious little to report over here except for the usual “my-babies-can-do-loads-of-stuff-cos-actually-they-are-small-humans-and-not-kittens” drivel (they can actually string words together, cats just mew). Ok, well there are a couple of Mini-Sagas.

Mini-saga 1: My toe.
Freaking OUCH. I think he is essentially saying he liked it better in flip-flops and that he is not going back in these closed-toe hellholes without a fight. So there’s that. I’m avoiding the dr as it will be the first time, and it’s really different here to Thailand. The medical insurance I had there meant you could turn up at any medical establishment, and that as long as you did not pick the poshest (and priciest) your bill would always be covered for minor complaints. Here, we have good cover, but it must be used at a specific clinic, and simply turning up is not the Czech way of doing things. We have been told by school, “Do it out of working hours,” and by the clinic, “Don’t be late for your appointment, you won’t be seen,” through a fixed smile. I feel stressed just thinking about it. So, toe, get better by yourself please!

Mini-saga 2: The shipping.
Oh the pain. It is coming today, so I hope the dealings with all the associated morons will end accordingly. However, having looked them up, I am not hopeful. The company is awash with appalling reviews, and most of them centre on the terrible state of customers’ belongings on receipt. My issue is that I am expected to be at home to receive the shipment apparently without any notice (ok, so at 7pm on a Friday night they confirmed it is coming ‘tomorrow’ and if I have any queries I should phone this number). Of course I phoned them repeatedly and was told by an automated moron that they were unavailable. Repeatedly. In my defence, they are not the company I booked my shipping with in thailand- they got my stuff over to the UK. This is the company which has done the second leg (and luckily it was a short one). I have to say that pretty much at every step of the way though there have been annoyances. And out stuff was packed on July 1. It is October 1 on Wednesday. Annoyance #1: telling us we would be notified when our shipment left or arrived somewhere. You’d think that would be a useful part of the service, but not in the mind of the shipping company. I had to chase them all the time.
Annoyance #2: not telling us that our stuff would sit, packed up for a whole month in Bkk before moving anywhere.
Annoyance #3: sending me URGENT REQUESTS for more documents. The wrong documents
Annoyance #4: sending me URGENT REQUESTS for the right document, intimating I had ignored previous correspondence.
Annoyance #5: Oh! You sent arrival emails several weeks ago! To Rasaly! Who the hell is that?
Annoyance #alltherest:
When is it coming? You have no idea? But I work and I have to arrange cover. Friday? What time? Oh it is now Monday? What time? Oh you don’t answer questions at the weekend? F*** you.

Is this the wonderful British customer service I’ve long forgotten?

I told work it is coming between 12 and 3. Leaving at 11 to go home. I hope that turns out to be about right. Above all, I hope our things are in an acceptable condition. They are probably going to feel my wrath anyway, but wrecked belongings will really see me breathing fire. What I can’t stand about this last bit of the shipping transport has been the absolute failure of the shippers to answer any of my 997 queries. There has been a ‘contact’ who has been placating me with, “I’m waiting for a reply from the carrier but it is proving very hard to contact them…” At this stage it doesn’t wash. The Carrier can’t be uncontactable for 10 days straight.

Anyway, there you have it. Macro post, micro sagas.

(I’m on the tram on the way to work now. The zoo was so nice yesterday. Did I mention, Prague rocks?!)



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