It’s all in…

Gosh – I am quite prolific this week!

Here is a bit of a dry one in the interests of information sharing.

Czech residency
We have taken all the steps I wrote about in my last post. It’s all gone ok apart from a(nother) spelling mistake in AW’s utterly incomprehensible name.

I said there were 4 steps; one is to register (me). Two was to register AW. I was a little concerned about this as AW should have registered immediately, and didn’t. Our adviser unfalteringly advised us that this did not matter. Indeed, it didn’t – although I am not party to what discussions were necessary to overcome this (if any). Next we had to send off our applications for temporary residency.

For this I needed:
-job contract
-tenancy agreement

AW needed:
-my passport
-cp/ marriage cert (APOSTILED and translated into Czech
They advised us to also include the children’s translated birth certs (apostile unnecessary) to bolster our assertion that we are a family.

We used a fantastic woman who charged a fee of 3000 czech crowns for AW’s application. I think that is pretty pricey but she did the job with a good sense of humour as well as efficiency.

There is now a fantastic guide to gaining this status in CZ which I will link to later.

So here you have had a bare-boned ‘facts’ post.

Bet you can’t wait for the next immigration update?

Speaking of interminable waiting, after almost three months (and I’m talking since it was packed up in Bangkok), our shipping is due to arrive on Friday. I can barely remember what’s in the boxes! Only that there were 18 of them! I think that’s our weekend sorted.

Also on the subject of waiting, on the discussion boards, I’m reading lots of positive ‘Surinder Singh’ stories. Despite the Conservatives’ best efforts so far, they have been simply unable to derail EU law on this issue. They won’t be able to unless our membership of the EU is ‘reconsidered’ (I think that is the party jargon).

*insert political diatribe here*

Now (and this reads like an oscar speech) I am so thankful we know about this option (thank you Britcits – Sonel and Steve; thank you MRN; thank you JCWI – and thank you to every person who has helped us to have the conviction to carry this through. So many good-willed strangers have answered my questions. THANK YOU!). Also I am well aware how lucky we are that we were in the position to not only have this option, but for it to have been such a positive experience in and of itself so far.

So now we wait for knocks at the door, I believe, for verification that AW and I really live together (and I’m guessing a bit of incredulous /astonished (and hopefully not indignant) probing as to how we made babies etc). I’ll keep you posted!



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