21 months of pickles!

Ok, I think it is time for some twin-girl updates, don’t you?

We are effiing knackered.

The girls are just uber über cuties, but very forthright. They love now to jet about on their plastic Made-In-China trikes and Ivy is obsessed -with all the animals she sees. There is this British kids’ show called “Raa Raa the noisy lion”. He’s cute and noisy in his jingly jangly jungle, with Oo Oo and his friends. They have big problems, like trying to work out which of them is funniest or how to get all the bananas to Oo Oo’s banana party. The theme song is great as well, and I think I like best that every episode has a silly rhyme they say and repeat. Good for language development, I think? So the girls have started to ask for Raa Raa. I quite like him too. The girls really get grooving to the theme tune. It seems like Ivy is in time to the music. Is that possible for a toddler of 21 months?

We have this grotty cat on a string which Ivy loves to push about in the mini pushchair we got her. She loves him. The girls’ skills (and vocabulary) are beginning to increase too fast for me to document everything, but they have passed lots of major milestones like stacking and shape-sorting, scribbling and feeding themselves. Just not sleeping through the night. Olive is quite good at the moment but Ivy is having some sort of night terrors and keeps waking, inconsolable. We think she may not actually be awake, as nothing seems to soothe her.

But they are amazing little people who’re developing their own characters and relationships with each other. They are making some friends (as is AW) as regulars on the local scene. The playground scene, of course.

They REALLY need to work on their sharing though. Specifically it’s Olive who doesn’t get it. Ivy will offer things to other children, but Olive will run over and snatch the thing back, shouting,’Shaaaaare!’ Everyone says it’s normal and that their kids are the same, but it doesn’t feel like it. And O’s always playing with everything else she finds.

I think I mentioned that we are freaking knackered? But I think I can speak for all four of us and say that we really really love it here.

There seem to be endless markets to discover, selling delicious and local food. The girls are out in the parks every day, learning new skills and socialising. It is such a beautiful city! And for my commute to work I get to sit on an almost empty tram all the way along the riverbank. Best of all, I walk for 10 minutes through meadows and woods, till I arrive at the gates of my workplace. I guess now I must see how it is in that long-forgotten season, AUTUMN!

Some shots around the city. Ttfn!









AW is just incredible at being a wife and a mother. I am such a lucky mama. In one month today, it’s 5 years since we met…



4 thoughts on “21 months of pickles!

  1. Haha, Im going to try O’s technique next time I want a go of someone’s something. Hilarious ! glad to hear you’re doing well. Give everyone a cuddle from me, especially poor I-pops xxx

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