And the rest

I tell you something. Relocating is exhausting. Have I already mentioned that? We will have been here 6 weeks on Friday, and I am asleep every evening at 8pm. It’s everything. It’s like before an exam when you are just running on adrenaline and performing super-human tasks… And then you finish and collapse. But here there is no finish; you are constantly being dazzled and kind of beaten down by all the wonderful yet exhausting NEWNESS. I would never use being a mother to excuse any neglect of duty (other than my social life, which I really cannot resuscitate as I’m basically unavailable in the evenings), but it certainly adds another dimension to relocation and to the associated feelings of overwhelmingness and fatigue. The language… It’s incredibly frustrating understanding so little. I want to nail it. I’m not sure I can, where will I find te energy? Olive is already saying ‘Ahoj!’ to everyone. And ‘Dobre den’. Good on her..!

I am not being negative; I’m happy- I think we all are. This is a fantastic place. I can’t wait till it is a bit less new and a bit more normal. I don’t miss my old school, (except for some lovely people who know who they are), but I miss that I could just slip back in. Here I have 16 kids and 10 nationalities; 3 have no English and I can help with the Portuguese and Spanish of the three, but the Russian boy, I can only say ‘priviet’, ‘niet’ and ‘da’. My Spanish, Portuguese and Thai are all swirling around in my scrambled-egg brain and I am really finding it tough. I speak Sportuthai with them as each one of them asks me this or that in turn. There is so much to get used to in terms of the operation of a new school. All schools teach kids stuff, but no two are the same.

The girls:
They are alternately the best of friends and fighting. Like all siblings I suppose. They are very chatty and confident; Olive a master climber and Ivy fabulous on her trike (Olive is hilarious on hers). Olive is putting words together more and more, and Ivy is following her lead. It’s amazing. When I leave for work now, there are no tears; just “bye bye mummy!”

Anyway. Have to go now and get some sleep. Blogging isn’t helping with my sleep quota, but it really helps me… Something.. Order my thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

Ciao (how continental!).







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