I hope this is neither boring nor whiney.

My eyes are sore – one has a stye coming I think. We are not sleeping well (our bed is too small, so two of us are on the floor (on a makeshift bed). My new job is promising, but at this point also scary. We have loads of questions about paying utilities – I have no idea how to do a standing order or direct debit in Prague, so I am going to have to find the time to seriously Research and Do. We have just registered my presence CZ and have yet to do so with AW (waiting for her health insurance to be documented), and then we have to get my residency and THEN we have to get hers. We have about 6 weeks left. GULP. Our visa adviser seems to think that is long enough and I really hope she is right! Last night I mostly spent wandering the dusky streets of unknown Žižkov with Olive after she suffered a horrible bang to the head (looking for a hospital, obvs!). Not fun with my still-pathetic Czech. I had a little cry. But the main thing is, she is fine.

Snuggling on the way back to the hospital.

On the plus side:
– AW is totally SUPERMUM
– Work seems really nice
– Certificate Saga seems to have been resolved
– commute is lovely!

Olive is a massive chatterbox and is putting words together – both girls love to say “mummy go”.

enough for now – must rest these itchy eyes.




5 thoughts on “I hope this is neither boring nor whiney.

    1. Well something has to change. But as I work, the night is when I get to be with the girls and so I actually enjoy it, and value that time. But it can be tough…!

  1. it is not fun to be in a foreign country not speaking the language and having a small emergency. Looks like the gash is nothing serious and it is going become one of the stories to tell later.

    Hope you will settle in soon and thing will get better in a timely manner.

    1. Thanks, it was not so fun. I’m so used to being able to communicate, and also actively breaking down expected communication barriers with my Thai, which I speak well. No Czech sucks. I will fix it.

      1. the great thing is – as more languages you speak as more diverse you are. Once you learn a language, you also learn new ways of thinking about life.

        Way to go – May the Czech language come to you easy

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