Packing schmacking

Ooh, well school’s out and it was pretty emotional for me.

It was not exactly a smooth run because the only kid out of 1500 who didn’t know we finished early was in my class. So everyone else was closing up their room, and I was calling a mother who didn’t pick up. Then Ivy got a bit ill (and had acquired a huge blister on her toe) and so we rushed to the hospital and had to wait an age, with her yowling the whole time.

I needed a bit of time to process it after the charming afternoon. I had some lovely messages and hugs from the parents, one of whom cried, so I know I’ll be missed. When we got back from the hospital we had to redress Ivy’s toe (she pulled the dressing off immediately, of course!), and auntie was prattling (OMG, non-stop!) so I needed to get out.

A couple or watermelon mojitos and loads of tears later, I felt a bit better. (Thank god for auntie, even if she prattles ).

However, today:

Shippers are coming. >.<

So, no relaxing yet.

But things are happening.



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