Jelly babies

I know, I know, enough of the reblogging already. But this is where we were at two years ago. Wowzers.

Bangkok Baby Project

I get a little confused about the passing of time, because as soon as you’ve hit a number of weeks, you are in the new one. If I know that I’ll hit 12 weeks on tues July 3rd, then counting back, I am 9 weeks but I’m in week 10.

So, this tues (the 9 weeks day) we had scan #3. The change is simply astounding. I read that they would have limb buds and ‘look human’ by now, but they actually do. They are so much bigger on the screen. Actually they look like jelly babies. They are both close to 2cm in length (the size for 8wks 6 days), with normal heart rates. My tummy is causing me some trouble in my work trousers, although I was a good couple of kilos lighter than I had been expecting when I was weighed.

One book on multiple pregnancies I’m…

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