Another birthday

So yesterday was my birthday.

Wow. I didn’t have the ooomph to arrange any kind of get-together. I don’t really know how to have a party anymore. And with the breastfeeding and the 5am wake-ups, it’s just not possible to really fully embrace the shindig. It is also absolutely true that these pesky birthdays keep on coming around faster and faster. We had a little lunch without the girls and got me some lush fabric to be made into a dress.

I have to knuckle down to my report writing in a minute (happy Sunday!), so I’ll just write a few words about the whole reason I even have a birthday (and all the days, months and years in between) in the first place.


I miss my mum today. I don’t write much about her because she doesn’t like to be online. I mean that in both the sense that she always has better things to do, and that she thinks a presence online blurs our lines of privacy. But surely on my birthday, there is no one more relevant to write about. Since that day, *ahem, cough splutter* years ago, she has helped me, and still helps me, more than anyone else, and almost completely without complaint.

I try to handle all my sagas myself, but mum has worked so hard on that bloody flat saga in particular. She helped out with the money when the bills for a whole year having it empty became too much. She also acted on my behalf, signing and completing the sale. She wasn’t thrilled about any of this, but she did it nonetheless. She is always there if I need a chat (although she and I are both so busy and the time difference is a pain- it is less often than we’d like). Now I’m a mummy, I appreciate it even more thank before.

My mum is just fantastic. I know you read the blog from time to time so I’ll address you directly; thank you.

THANK YOU, mum. I love you and can’t wait to be nearer! (no pics of you because you don’t like them 😉 )




Birthday at Hyde and Seek, where I have had the very best cocktails I’ve tasted in this city (our lunch was very late so we had the place to ourselves!)


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