Food, best and worst

A word about embracing Thailand in the run up to leaving: feel that Thai food is a writhing mass of contradictions, as is much of the country (but that is not fodder for online discussion, so I’m sticking with food). I’m not sure what I want to say, I suppose, just that some Thai food ROCKS, and some SUCKS. I’ll just pop in what I’ve seen since last night:

Out of this world panaeng curry and pad krapao (dinner)

This morning:

DELICIOUS. Yam something, with fried rice balls and loads of fresh, flavoursome veg and spices. Hubba hubba.


Now I’m guessing you’d have to have an open mind to enjoy this desert, but I have come around to it. It’s rolls of coloured flour, boiled and served with coconut milk, ice and bits of jackfruit.




Thai bakeries. One word, and I’m sorry, but it’s YUCK.
Sweet cakes with chicken sausage inside, anyone? Lashings of syrup and mayo? buns with custard topped with wiry, shredded pork (like trying to chew and swallow the actual hair of a person)? And the cakes with frosting (I’m not going to call it icing) which is indescribable – it’s like shaving foam.
People do buy
this sh*t in droves:



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