Sagas. 2

The flight saga.

So. This saga is almost over. Not quite, but almost. We have booked three seats and that took the most enormous amount of toing-and-froing, despite the turn up that four seats is actually what we are entitled to. For some reason, who knows what, we decided that fourth seat is probably superfluous to requirements and costs my employer an unnecessary £500.

We now have the Packing and Shipping Saga looming. This too is not straightforward as we are (unlike everyone else) shipping to a landlocked country and thus probably taking much of our stuff on the plane (but not all- some is just too big, like my huge painting). With the three seats and the four tickets, we get four cases included of 23kg and any extra are €150. So it is 92kg free plus hand luggage. Not too shabby!

The next instalment in the Moving-to-Europe epic is the booking of the refundable BA ticket. I do have the cash, finally, as we SOLD THE BASTARD, BLOOD-SUCKING, MONEY-EATING FLAT (YESITISNOLONGERMINEICANTF*CKINGBELIEVEITOMFGYESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!) and now have, for a few months, very small outgoings. Nevertheless part of me is a bit concerned that it cannot truly, rally be totally refundable, and so I’m stalling. That fear, and the fact that it is utterly needless in the first place.

So the flat saga is over, the visa saga is over, and the flight saga is going to conclude when I can get off my high horse and accept that it’s just a thing we have to do. We have sold lots of items which won’t be accompanying us on leaving Bangkok (including some baby wraps, which was a challenge! We also shifted the awful baby bjorn carriers!). We still have a buggy (with the world’s most annoying wheels (I leave that out of the adverts)), a changing table and a few stair gates to shift. Then the rest needs to be sort of sifted through. I have been meaning to post for ages but if has been really manic.

The girls
The girls are so… Spirited. We think they are great and developing really well and everything, but everyone thinks that about their kids, eh? When I get round to writing about them I am sure all the things I want to record here leave my brain and buzz about in the air like flies. I cannot remember all the stuff I wanted to include. I have no baby diary so without the blog, dates on which things happen will get lost.

Attachment: bf / bedsharing /babywearing
We are still co-sleeping and bed sharing, which I cannot imagine changing, or indeed wanting to change any time soon. If we were to do so, it would not be a matter of choice, more practicalities. Beds in Thailand are huge. It will be a challenge sleeping the way we do in a bed 1.5ft narrower. We will have to cross that bridge later. On the plus side, Olive wakes far less frequently (in fact mostly she doesn’t) but is still bf to sleep at night and usually at one other point. She is still getting up for the day (maddeningly) around 5.15.
I love carrying them on me, and I can’t wait to live somewhere cooler and where it is possible to walk so that that will become easier too. I am really obsessed with beautiful fabric baby wraps. I include some babywearing lingo here and if you find yourself confused, refer to the notes below;). In lieu of not liking some of my wraps loads, I have been slimming down my stash* in preparation for the move, and to allow ms to buy a beauty** I really wanted (woven wings geo). I have sent off 3 out of four of wraps I never use (and have sold on Facebook) to new homes (two in UK, one in Italy and one in Malaysia) and have one heading to my school in Prague. Can’t wait to put the girls up*** in the lovely fluff****.
*collection of wraps
***wrap them

These pics illustrate the growth and paring back of my wraps over the last year.






Anyway, back to what the girls are doing. We have “What to Expect, the Toddler Years”, which is a great point of reference.



According to those wise-guys, by the end of the 17th month, which we are now in, toddlers
-use 2 words and drink from a cup. Tick!
Can probably:
-build a tower of two blocks (dang! We need some blocks! They are doing a wee bit of cup-stacking… And some SHAPE SORTING!!!)
Maybe can:
-walk up steps. tick!
-remove an article of clothing (do shoes count?)
-“feed” a doll (haven’t seen them do this, but they do kiss them and try to feed each other.
Maybe if they’re super-dooper can:
-build a tower of four cubes (…?)
-identify objects in pictures by pointing. Tick. Can’t get enough of the cats, birds, owls etc
-combine words (no, not yet)
-throw a ball overhead (in any specific direction? Hehe; Ivy has been ferociously lobbing balls for months but they usually go backwards. Olive has done this more recently)
– speak and be understood half the time. Well, not really: words – Olive, Thai: ja-ehhhhh!; Eng: Bur (bird), poo (poo), no, shoe/ Ivy, Thai: ja-ehhhh!, maew (cat, but she uses it for all living things except for birds, which are now ‘bur’), Mai ow (don’t want that); Eng: no, ooo (poo) .
They are both so observant and so different in their approaches to learning about the world. Ivy fears nothing and dives straight in whereas Olive is more hesitant. They love to make animal noises (especially owls and dogs) and that really can shape sort now. They can follow loads of instructions in either language, such as, “Go and put that in the rubbish bin,”; “Go and give that to your sister,”; “Go and fetch mummy a nappy,” or, “close the drawer now,” etc. We feel that they must be quite bright for their ages. But I would say that!

Bangkok nostalgia?
Well, yes and no. It is not long till we go. Two months and eight days. I never thought I would say it, but I am starting to enjoy spending time with AW’s family and last Saturday we went off to look for some fabrics and left the girls in the shophouse with their RMA (Chinese for granny) and Na (auntie) Aoy. We had such a lovely time and I remembered loads of great things about Bangkok (just not the dreadful corner we live in). I concluded that aside form the low cost of living, I was really going to miss this place. Getting out and about now O and I are bigger is getting easier aside from the heat, and if we stayed (and almost certainly we’d move out of this condo) I could imagine how I’d enjoy it over in the old town. Then the rainy season seemed to have started and the unbearable heat (it had been close to 40) broke. I thought- “I will actually really miss this place,”. Then they sacked the prime minister and there are load of protests and some grenades flying about and a genuine feeling that no one knows what on earth will happen next. So the fact that you’re advised to stay home (and especially avoid the interesting part of the city) makes you less excited about hanging around these parts.









2 thoughts on “Sagas. 2

  1. Beautiful pictures! Hoping you guys absorbe the beauty of your last few months there and that the move goes flawlessly! (Although transcontinental
    Moves rarely do hehehe but they’re worth it!)

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