Marching forward

Last night was a funny one.

It’s 3am and I’ve been awake for about an hour. I was all for us going out for a drink or two at a nice bar and AW said she was too tired. I don’t remember anything, so am guessing that what actually happened was that I then fell asleep for the night. At 7.10. Rock And Roll.

I have been sleeping quite late as it’s my holidays, but because I have been having clandestine reading sessions as well. Am hooked on Any Human Heart (Boyd).it’s great. But it must be tiring me out!

Had a lovely day out with my friends over at the babysearching blog and they took some really cute pictures of our monkeys. I’m really sorry it is going to be hard for us to hang out with their little one when he arrives. I’m in love with our girls. They were both on pretty adorable form that day.

I am really keen on trying to discipline the girls through a strong connection with them, and not through the traditional naughty-step etc. There are several directly contradictory approaches- I think a combination would be extremely difficult. I think, that having been left to ‘stop crying by myself’ as a small child, it will be hard for me to constantly demonstrate understanding for the causes of the misbehaviour. However, I do do that in my teacher role at work. We’ll see. It’s tough to decide on an approach before you see it’s efficacy, as you’ll have no point of reference or for comparison. How would you see that your child would be better or worse behaved if you’d disciplined them differently? Impossible. Pffffffffffffft.

This visa is hassle-free, as far as visas usually go. The biggest headache is supplying the embassy with “evidence of our intention to travel together”, whilst not actually booking any flights. You’re never advised to actually book flights till after the visa decision. But that means you need to show themmmmmm…. What? We have some screen shots of flight reservations (all our details entered, but the actual purchase still not made) and some (cancellable) hotel reservations in Prague. This seems silly as both items are completely meaningless. But, hey ho. We’ll have to see what the lady says. I really hope they don’t pull us up on being lesbians. That would SUUUUUUCK.

New tricks:
Walking on tiptoe (Olive),
climbing from chairs to dining table, ‘flipping’,
looking at books and babbling,
going to get their shoes, putting legs /arms out to get dressed etc.
Pointing at things, waving at each other and saying ‘hi!’
Getting the air out of bottles (in the bath) to fill them with water. Tipping and pouring.
Going to throw something in the bin (on being instructed to do so)
Swing on swings (well, sit and be pushed).
All manner of peekaboo games
Biting and pinching each other, really not being able to share.

We made muesli cookies (Ivy was sleeping, and Olive wasn’t, which is often the case during the late morning):

Bedtime and nights are really improving. I still get disturbed, but usually just once. And the breast feeding is still going on, but I think I can feel a slight detachment from the breast lately. She is taking only short feeds during the night, and has gone to bed without the breast or with just a very brief feed. I feel well rested, relatively. I’m enjoying spending this time with them, and doing lots of babywearing and fun stuff together.

We also went to crazy Silom road this week to pay homage to songkran – I wanted the girls to ‘experience’ it a little bit this year as next year they won’t be here:


The girls are growing up so fast. It’s sobering. They are real little people now and we will be shaping them by the example we set and by the depth of our connections.


2 thoughts on “Marching forward

  1. I got judged pretty heavily for going to play in Silom while pregnant. I hope you and the Monkeys got off lighter. Looks like they weren’t any less of a clay target 🙂 Did they like it?

    1. Really??! We didn’t go late on- in fact with Olive it was morning so things were not hotting (wetting) up too much. I felt it was a but much later on with Ivy and soon abandoned my plan to repeat the morning’s walk. People made such a fuss of her! X

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