Look at this cute coat we got the girls from eBay. Trouble is, there is always just one. Still searching! The heat is becoming intolerable again here, so it is a bit funny to be on the lookout for warm stuff.

So. What can the girls do now?

Well. I realise this is about as interesting to the general reader as the colour shirt I put on this morning, but I don’t have anywhere to record these things; a book never happened what with the blogging and my nice app (which crashed anyway!) . So, here you have it (I hope the rest of the blog will be more entertaining, if you can stick it through this paragraph):
consistent, both girls
– ja-ehhhhh! (“peek-a-boo” in Thai).
– mummummummum (“I want to eat that!” In Thai).
Consistent, Ivy- maew “cat” in Thai when reading a book with a pic of one in.
*edit: everything which is an animal is a Maew.

We think Olive has also said “poopoo” about her dirty nappy and “sky” when we were looking at it. Ivy is saying “g-g-lo” or similar when reading the Gruffalo (which she is asking for).

Climb up everything

Follow instructions like “go and put that away” in Thai and English.

Kiss us with a proper little sound

Copy gestures and faces, sounds etc.

They can now also enjoy books. They like to be read to and also to turn the pages, pointing at the pictures and babbling to themselves.

On that subject, I’m really ashamed about the state of the first books we gave them. We definitely made two mistakes:


1) gave them too early + 2) gave them too much independence

These are survivors of that experimental “reading” phase. Some (especially flappy) books have been consigned reluctantly to the big book shop in the sky. There is no other place for them. No other child could enjoy them unless it were for the enjoyment, comprehending or otherwise, of unadulterated destruction. Newer books have escaped this fate, I’m happy to say. The instruction not to bite them is now understood, and largely obeyed. However, it is a bit difficult to get them to stop picking at the already horrific wounds they’ve inflicted on other books. So today in the second day of my holiday, after several weeks with no free time outside sleep, I have tried to fix all those wounds, and save the books. I don’t want our girls, now they are finally interested in books’ contents, to think they should be treated with anything but the greatest of respect. My own books get dog-eared, but only because while I’m reading a book, I’m in a love affair with that book. It’s taken everywhere, and read every second I’m alone (often to the amusement of those around me, while I’m walking somewhere). The pages are bent to mark my place, and the cover bashed and dulled from being pulled in and our of my bag at every snatched opportunity. But I’d never hurt a book. I’d never tear it or pull pages out. I’d never use the pages to keep the kitchen clean (but I know someone who does).

After a crazy final week of term, I have two weeks holiday. MAAAAN, do we need them?! On the first day we went to a 1st birthday party of my friends’ little boy.

Today, Rma is here. She is supposed to come tomorrow, and yet arrived in our house before 8am. Today.

I think the biggest single issue we are going to have is the TV. I don’t let the girls watch TV. Not at all, unless it is something I have picked out. Rma likes to have the TV on constantly, whether she is watching or not. I know LOADS of people do, and in their own house, that is fine. But not in my house. I don’t judge anyone’s parenting, or TV preference, but I never watch when something I’m interested in is even half way through. There are some good movies on on Thai TV, but I’m never sure when they start, and as I always got it wrong, I just stopped bothering. Who wants to watch a movie when it could be 5, 30 or 50 mins in and you have no way of telling? Anyway. We have already had a set-to about that and she has turned off the “news” in a huff.

So, I am trying to feel relaxed on the first day of my hol. We have loads to do and organise, so we have decided to stay in Bkk. I think i’m ok with that.

I think. We need to be careful for so many reasons. So it’s money-saving which is what’s happening.

The Hub B-Boy dancers came to my school to perform at my international day assembly. I was too nervous to video that performance, but they can’t in and did it again for the littlest kids. Here is the link. The head-spinning was a total surprise. The Hub is a children’s centre near the city’s main train station, and it’s the organisation through which I did my running club, before the girls were born.

This holiday means I am only one term away from finishing here at SHB. I will miss the kids here. Such a dream. And the families.


One thought on “Book-wreckers

  1. I always enjoy hearing how the little ones are doing….I know about moving continents, I have done it twice, you have to pare down to your absolute necessities…starting now is an excellent idea… Good Luck!

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