Blood and kisses

I am going to begin, like all good blogs with TMI. Look away NOW!

I got my period.

It has been 15 months to the day since the cold December morning I entered theatre to have my lopsided belly lopped open. It has been 15 months to the day that I last hauled 99kilo heft and grossly swelling feet up onto a stretcher. It was 15 months ago today that my spine was punctured by a huge surprisingly painless needle and I was expertly opened up by a scalpel. 15 months ago I tried not to look up the bright red reflection of my insides in the giant surgical lamp above me. And 15 months ago my lovely little girls were whipped off into the hospital nether regions without much explanation or empathy for a new mother. You get the picture. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

Ugh, so I am offically a normal woman again; a mum who has periods. I knew it would come, but not YET. Less than thrilled, to be frank. It’s easy to forget the horrible mega-period that comes after birth (not sure if it’s worse or the same after a C-section?). There was a lot of clotting – spectacularly foul congealed lumps that plopped out. That was all pretty gross. Fascinating too. At least I didn’t have to look at it all. That can’t be a nurse’s favourite job, can it? Still, as they say, they have seen it all before (unless they are a trainee on their first day?).

Since then I have been breastfeeding breastmonster O and I am a bit cross that in addition to being sucked dry, I am now going to be menstruating. Lactating and mensturating. Not thrilled at all. But there isn’t any cramping yet. Just you wati for the pity party post I will give you when period pain makes its reappearance.

Cosleeping / breastfeeding
I am in a real quandry now about sleeping / feeding. I just can’t imagine not having them here with us I am completely out of control of any daytime schedule because auntie doesn’t value having one, and there isn’t a clear trend for one or two naps. I haven’t felt this to be a huge problem at all as I have felt the nights have been on a definite upward trend. Lately though, O’s feeding has changed in that she likes to come off the boob, wail, and haul her 11.5kg (about 24lb) self across me to the other boob. She likes to do this over and over till she’s asleep again. This makes it far tricker for me to sleep through. So that is the first thing. Secondly, she really likes to do this at some point before 5am, but fully awake. Sometimes it’s at 4, sometimes at 4.30. But when my get-up time is 5.30 (now I’m pushing it back to 6 in the hope I might get another half hour if O goes back to sleep), that’s it really. It’s Good Morning for me. Or just plain Morning. Soooooo, I am knackered. AW is knackered and fed up with all the calls of despair (from both O and from me!). I don’t want this to go on indefinitely, but I’m just not sure how I can go about night weaning (which would be full weaning) and/ or transitioning them to their own bed/ mattress. Still, the way things move and change so quickly, I generally manage not to get too wound up over it. Still, if we don’t want 4-in-a-bed till they are 10, it’s all a matter of when, not if. Should we coordinate such a change with our continental move, so that we have one change? Or stagger smaller changes before they are 2?

Here is some more boring new stuff our very ordinary amazing girls are doing:
– Ivy has pushed out 4 whopping molars – no fuss.
– Both girls are doing absolutely heart melting kisses.Last night Ivy woke at about 8.30pm and I went in to lie with her a bit so she would be calm. I put my face quite close to hers and closed my eyes to encourage her. She was quiet and spent some time just looking sleepily at me. Then without warning she took out her dummy and moved her face closer to me to kiss my nose. Then she popped the dummy back and closed her eyes.
– O is developing quite the temper, and clearly feels RAGE

Not sure whether there’s anything else…

Oh… The air here is so foul. Since late last year there has been a terrible haze. It wasn’t here when I moved to this area, and might appear for a day or a night occasionally. Now it seems to be clear occasionally and smoggy all of the rest of the time. Now there has been a huge rubbish tip fire, and officially, the air is toxic. Yeah, see you later, Bkk!

Oh and the school show was amazing. I was so proud of the kids, and I think I can say it here, proud of myself for writing the script. I put one of my class-member’s paintings up as the image for this post. I’ll really miss these kids when we go.

Here are mugshots of our two in the first week of their lives, and now 🙂



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