Last time I was feeling pretty down-in-the-dumps/ blue/ sorry for myself/ stressed/ strained.

Now I’m back to my usual self (“Yay!”, I hear you cry). Now how could that be? This girl’s got a lot on her plate!

Well, partly coz it just isn’t in my nature to wallow. I do have dips, but i’man action person – action allays fear.
So several things have happened:

1) I faced my job application task full in the face (today I sent 7!)
2) I have attracted a little bit of attention. Nothing serious yet, but I got a bite.
3) someone made an offer on the stupid flat. It’s a stupid offer, but I’m at the end if my tether and it’s cash. I’m just trying to establish if that means speed (something completing on property is not usually associated with)
4) I have been running home for 5 weeks and I stood on the scales yesterday. Pre-pregnancy I was 71kg. I weighed 72! AW quickly stepped in to tell me the scales were out by 2kg, but that still means I’m down to 74! When I went to the hospital about my excruciating foot (did I blog about that?? It was the first time I tried to return to jogging -I think in June), I was still 81kg. Dr kind of said I had foot pain because I was still too fat to jog!! Lol). A month or so before that I’d see the same Dr about neck pain, and I’d been 84kg then. Disclaimer: i’m heavy. I don’t think my adult weight has ever been lower than 70kg. I’m not certain, as during my working out phase, I went on fitness goals and refused to weigh myself. On the day of the twins’ birth, I weighed 99.5kg, so I have come a long way since then!
5) I have an amazing family. AW booked us a surprise trip and bought me a gorgeous watch for valentines.
Now I have to think of something amazing to give her!

In other news, a dear, dear friend of mine has just begun her IVF journey. If you have struggled with TTC then you know how hard it can be- send baby dust her way. Also my other bi-national gay mummies-to-be are cooking their baby nicely, and planning to give birth in the UK. And our lovely pregnant gay mummies gave birth to their beautiful twin boys last week too! Just like us, one twin was much smaller than the other, and they had to take one precious squish home, and leave the other in hospital – but everyone is doing great. So lovely!

Bye for now. Sending positive vibes!


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