“They’re never twins!!”

The thai for ‘twins’ is ‘luuk fairt’ (ลูกแฝด). Everywhere we go, we have the same conversation.

“Ohhhhh! narak jang leuy! (ohhhhh, so cute!)” and then they ask how old one of them is. And then how old the other is. And then they are incredulous.

‘luuk fairt lor ka??? aowww!’ (‘Twins, really??? Stop it!!! Nooooo!’)

And then I am asked, as if I would know, why they are so different.

It’s tedious. However, I have to admit, we are also regularly subject to waves of incredulity. It seems that O and I are as different as all the possible genetic combinations could allow for; one at one end of the spectrum of possible outcomes, and one at the other (apart from being the same sex). One is larger, one smaller; one with loads of dark brown hair, one with scant fair hair (and one whose hair is long on top and one who is has had all her hair at the back); one with Asian-shaped greenish eyes, tanned skin, one with wider browner eyes and whiter skin; one with a delicate mouth, wine with a huge grin… This is only physical. Their temperaments are also completely different. Today we went on a day trip to the eggy temple in Cha Choen Sao (see my last post), and I swear they were determined to sleep in shifts. If one is sleepy, one is not, and often the same situation occurs with hunger, mood, which direction to toddle off in…

It is great though that they are different. They are not ‘the twins’, and could never really casually be referred to that way. Yes they are twins, but… They are so uttey themselves. They are just starting to interact with each other and it is really cute – I am guessing that they are fond of one another at least. That is my one fear; you do occasionally read about estranged twins, or siblings who can’t bear each other. I hope for many things for them, but one is that they are close and love each other from a young age.

One other question for you, lovely readers, is: when do you plan to stop breastfeeding? I am breastfeeding O still, mostly at night. She is pretty clingy and a bit of a boob MONSTER. But I feel like that is noone’s problem but mine, and I can cope. I can’t imagine taking it away while she still loves it and cannot understand my actions. So I suppose we’ll be going on a while yet. We still co-sleep, and that is not a problem for us at the moment, so we’ll continue.

Anyway- TWINS- Check out the link below for twins who are not twins – not even related. It’s pretty freaky:



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