Past, present, future.

Well, I think my limits were pushed last post partly as I was sick as a dog myself. Now we are all feeling well and the tonsillitis and conjunctivitis and whatever else has left us for the time being.

I realised that I have not written a sort of jubilant, “We made it through the twin newborn phase, hooray!!” post. I nod to that here. It was tough, and it’s over. But we’ll never have those two floppy squishes ever again, which is quite a sad feeling. Now we have two confident, walking toddlers, which is a whole other thing. They are able to do so much!

Our stupid nanny has just left. Without saying anything. We worked it out when she didn’t turn up or answer her phone. Better off without an idiot like that. I am concerned though, about my differences of opinion with auntie re. raising babies. We don’t agree about much and I just have to tell myself that she loves them and she should have this time with then because we are leaving Thailand. And we actually are. I handed in my notice on Thursday. FUUUUUUUUUU*********K.

I’m really happy about it in many ways, but I want the job at the other end confirmed now. Not gonna happen. We are oscillating between, “everything will work out!” And “what-have-we-bloody-done, we’ll-have-twins-under-two!” But as I have said to everyone, staying here because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right. We are both stagnating and sick to the back teeth of this city. So there you go. I’ll be MUCH happier when I can share the “we made it to Europe!” post with you in what will be about 7 months’ time. In theory I should get a job doing what I do now- I’m really good at it. However, my experience does count against me as I’m relatively expensive. I should think I will get some interviews though. Plan B is plumping for a CELTA qualification (and doing it probably in Bangkok), and plan C is to try for a UK job /visa. But the possibility of being rejected having accepted a UK job does not bear thinking about. So that is the last option. We are excited and apprehensive. I will need to score some work in a country where same-sex marriage is legitimate (ruling out roughly all of eastern Europe apart from the Czech Republic).

We are going back to the egg temple next Saturday as we have not offered the (chicken) eggs we promised that Buddha should I fall pregnant. We are a bit late, and it feel I have a lot of asking to do this year – I always say thank you for helping us get such lovely healthy girls. Now I ask to keep us together. I don’t wear my amulet now as I worry little hands could pull it off.

Finally, after the last very wobbly post, I would love to share with you two nice double hammocks:



I can do it. I want to do it with Ivy too but she is too wriggly at the moment and loves walking too much. Yay!

What else? The ‘Bangkok shutdown’ occurs tomorrow (although my school has pointedly refused to shut down). It is when the anti-govt protesters have declared that they will cause the city to grind to a halt to attempt to oust the ruling party (who’ve already dissolved parliament). No one really knows what is going to happen. Let’s hope nobody is hurt.

Bye for now 🙂


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