Pushing the limits.


Not a good ‘wow’.

If not in the entire lives of my little angels (monsters?), this was certainly the worst day I can remember having had with them. They screamed almost the whole time they were awake. I thought they might be tired, but they would not sleep, they preferred to claw at me whether I was sitting down with them or trying to move around. I’m fighting off the infection THEY GAVE ME at the moment and it was very very hard. This evening they both slept in about 5 minutes, so they were definitely exhausted and whinging and whining and clinging for that reason. It was HARD. They are both very crap nappers. Crapnappers.

Before analysing a little and gaining some perspective, I was being a bit tortured-soulish about it and wondering whether I have ‘spoiled’ them by trying to attend to their every need? Has the comfort I was always so delighted to give become pandering to a tantrum? Olive was so booby today, and I hope it was only that she was not feeling great / was tired etc rather than my having created a bloody madam. It was awful. We have decided to go to the beach tomorrow and that is stressful too as we were supposed to get the bags packed together this afternoon….


Other lamentable happenings today were AW’s coming home at 3pm, with a pizza for me from her work… only not being able to as her work are such piss-takers. It is gone 7pm and she is still there. The latest message just came through and she won’t be able to come at 7.30 either, but the General Manager is coming at 8 so she is required to stay. She had to stay essentially because her boss is a lazy so-and-so /drunk and someone else she was relying on was too hungover after New Year. It is just unacceptable in my opinion.

Back to today (and I have to thank my lucky stars for auntie, as there is no way I could do this with these toddling screaming people by myself), the girls were just endlessly whiney. Clingy. It was always tricky with only one baby like this, but recently Ivy has become another little sticky limpet – today, I really reached the end of my tether. I never felt actually angry and like I wanted to shout – till today. One of the things I tried to alleviate the situation, and which is often really really successful, was to take them out. As I am recovering from this awful bug everyone has had this Xmas and new year, I didn’t really have the strength /patience to deal with any of this, especially as I decided to *wrap* Olive as opposed to popping her in the ring sling. To add to the going out difficulty, our new buggy has a serious deficiency in terms of wheels. I took a picture today, and will email them about it. The wheels are like a bad supermarket trolley and veer to one side for no apparent reason. That is ok-ish if you are pushing one baby with two hands, but if you are dealing with a second baby who is being a massive whining pain, it is not doable with one hand – you can’t steer it. The other issue is jamming – I accept that I have to lift the buggy over bumps and other pavement inadequacies, but I cannot handle the wheels just jamming on flat ground. For a start, they veer from side to side, and if you have twins like I had today (the wrap I was wearing coming undone and both twins refusing to sit) you cannot steer the bloody thing. I tell you, all three of us almost had a meltdown.

So onto baby wearing and the trouble I’m having. I love so much about it – but I am struggling to do any carries on my back successfully. I mean I have managed them, but Ivy won’t stay still on my back at all and Olive bounces till her bum pops out and that is scary – you worry you are going to lose the baby. once that happens (usually mid way through some outing), it is too stressful to do it again, because you lack the mirror you need to check you did it correctly, and, EVERYONE STARES. It is partly down to my technique, I’m sure especially as I can’t tighten it sufficiently when I am stressing, which I really was this afternoon. That pic just under this paragraph; my double hammocks look nothing like that! I definitely picked the wrong day to practise something this tricky. The ring sling is perfectly simple – but no, I thought I would try the ‘Double Hammock’:

image courtesy of sabcollective.com
image courtesy of sabcollective.com

There are loads of Youtube tutorials

It is still really hard!!

Have practised this one with my shorter wrap:

And this one (but the video seems to assume more skills than i have!)

Shepherd’s carry

Shepherd’s carry with leg passes

I have been advised to try these three to com at the problems I am having (there is so much online help, but it is hard to get a minute (see above!!)
Christina’s Ruckless Back Carry

(Amusingly, this lady sold me this green wrap in this video!)

UNPOPPABLE double hammock (unpoppable, you say!??!)

So I have a lot of work on my hands – I have several wraps and I love being close to my monsters (I mean angels) – I don’t want to be beaten by the back carry! I will try the unpoppable one above very very soon, but for this beach trip, I think I will stick to the ring sling!

Wish us luck for our little trip! Mum and dad’s visit was really nice, but very stressful as everyone got ill, and now AW and I have got it.


4 thoughts on “Pushing the limits.

  1. I like when the videos use real babies because it helps me see how it would actually work, putting a kid on your back while they play with a toy / hit your head / pull your hair, etc…

  2. Call me above the screaming if you ever want to vent. Be warned I plan to call my fav supermum whenever I’m stuck/ lost/about to have a breakdown etc xxx

  3. Oh man have I been there! Keep at it! It gets easier! Try out a back wrap cross carry. It’s a good one for out in public because you tie a knot to secure the wiggly demon…er…child to your back first. Also, I used to tuck the wrap into the front of her pants to get a good seat before I put her up there. Ever tried that?In solidarity mama!

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