House of Snot and Screams


Yuck, ugh, merry… – what time of year is it supposed to be again?

I am unsure whether I have ever seen so much snot all at once as I have in the last few weeks. Especially the last few days.

My parents’ visit and Christmas have been marred on all front by illness. Mainly by snot, but also banged heads and cricks in backs.

That cold that appeared on December 10th has stuck around with a vengeance, and Olive has become ‘seriously’ ill. We have been unable to go anywhere really since Xmas lunch. We went to Quince, which was delicious, although the trip was preceded by a fairly major strop on my part due to the fact it looked for a while that we would not get a table anywhere – Mum’s doom at the hands of the impending pneumonia she’d developed saw that we left booking till 12 on the 25th itself.







Olive has had a fever for three days and two nights now, and yesterday morning it hit 40. She has a red eye, diarrhoea and is absolutely FULL of snot. She and Ivy are total snotbags. None of us are sleeping well and there is lots of forced medicine administration. Mum and Dad go tomorrow and the holiday from work is almost over. I hope they improve quickly, as I would really like some slime/ tears-free time with my daughters.

Using this snot sucker is also very unpopular:


The girls got a lot of lovely things, including the name train in the pic above.

Happy new year (rolls eyes).



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