Just reminiscing’ 🙂

Life with Two Pickles.

Well I’m really glad the world did not get fried by the Mayan’s predicted gamma rays yesterday. Rather this date marked the end of my personal world as I know it. Nothing will be the same again.

Our world changed the first time in 2012 when we got married- it was the simplest of affairs, but there were a rush of feelings that nearly floored me when we read our vows (which, incidentally end with “today my world changes”). Yesterday morning I said a tearful goodbye to AW at the doors of the operating theatre. I didn’t see her again for 2.5 hours. After the terror of the (really not bad) spinal block /epidural, the weird tugging and pulling, suddenly the rush of hearing those big throaty baby cries shifted and zapped my world again.

Yesterday there was a lot of waiting around as Drs checked a LOT of new…

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