One year old!

(Well one year and three days now).

AW is not a fan of parties of any sort, so we decided to take them to a kids’ fun zone. No the aquarium. No, the fun zone. Wait, actually the aquarium (we are great at decision making). We had a great day, mostly because the girls enjoyed themselves so much.

Development-wise, Olive is walking, and Ivy is running, and they are totally delighted with themselves. Ivy has worked out how to drink through a straw (olive too) and pop open a car door from the inside :0 . They are really talking now and O loves to say “jakayehhh!” And maybe has said “mum” and “no”. We fancy I has been trying to say “Christmas tree”, but really, think it’s just fancy. Both can wave bye bye, wai and blow /give kisses (although they can be too shy to do so). They can answer by pointing, “Where is the Christmas tree?” in English and, “Where is the fan?” in Thai. I’m
In love with them. We all are.

My parents are here and it’s been so great for them. My mum has been really stressed out because the girls got a cold suddenly on the day mum and dad arrived. As she has a long history of lung problems, a cold is bad news. They flew off to Hanoi and discovered they they were unprepared for the cold there (somehow at one point that was my fault!) and that mum had caught said cold. Now it is a full on chest infection, which was what she was dreading. So she isn’t in a great place just now.

Must go as we need to decide where we will eat lunch tomo- not yet booked!


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