Granny and Grandpa and political strife

So lots to report on all fronts:

1) The UK are tightening up on the EU Freedom of movement to pander to the baying Daily Mail readers. Happy Christmas to you, if you have a non-EU spouse.


I despise my government at the moment, and I am ashamed of my country. Nevertheless, it is my home, and Thailand isn’t.
It should still all be fine, if I get a job, but now it has to relate clearly to my career, and cannot just be Any Job (plan C was get a bar job. That might now in invoke a refusal).

2) Ivy is away and walking. So, so cute. We went back to the indoor play area with them and Ivy wanted to join in with the big kids. Olive is about a month behind, think (perhaps three weeks?), and is walking a maximum of 5 or 6 steps. She is trying though!

3) The political situation here was on hiatus for His Majesty’s birthday over the last weekend, but who knows what will happen today. It is all rather up in the air.

Which brings me to;

4) Grannie and Grandpa’s arrival (O and I’s Grannie and Grandpa) tomorrow. Really hope they do not get stuck anywhere as the result of political unrest. They fly out again on 12th to Vietnam (the lucky buggers!) and I am crossing my fingers that no one thinks shutting down an airport is a good idea.

Phew. Now for a couple of pictures:




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