New skills.

updates, as much to stop me forgetting when things happen as much as for you:


It’s the sweetest thing – and a definite response to (any) music. Ivy does a bob up and down, and Olive likes to shake her head and/or bob. 

We are also making very speech-like sounds and I think the word ‘no’ is perhaps a word (i.e. Olive associates it with a meaning when she makes that sound). Ivy always make the sound, er, “dudn” (?not exactly sure how to write it) when she points at something interesting to her. There are lots of mamas and mumumumumums, but we don’t think they mean anything yet. Another very distinctive Olive sound is a bit Russian-ish and sounds like “jiculyty”. She likes to repeat it. 

I am totally in love with my little family; mummy AW and my two daughters. Can’t wait for mum and dad to get here and especially for dad to meet them again. They were about 6 weeks old the last time he was here. 


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