Quarantine shmorantine

The good news or the bad news? The good news is that since I changed the name of this blog to something that did not sound like something from Bangkok’s seedy underbelly, I am not getting those gross freaks using foul search terms and hitting my blog any more. The bad news is that now I have no readers coming to me via search terms. Poor me! I do understand though, that a blog about my babies is mostly interesting to me, whereas once upon a time I blogged and networked and made a community among women who shared the acute pain of infertility. I confess, I can’t really get into others’ baby and parenting blogs.

But I still have you, right?

As I try to plan the 1st birthday bash of my two spotty angels, I have been saddened to hear that two of my good lesbian tcc friends using our doctor have failed to get pregnant, or are experiencing some trauma in early pregnancy and are on bed rest. One of them is a really good friend and she’ll have a scan on Saturday to find out what is going on in there. Pop on over to lend your support here during this stressful time. I know she’ll appreciate it.

So back to my humdrum and egocentric blog about my precious darlings and our little day-to-day quarantine stuff. To keep myself from going potty, during nap time I have been working (when I have not also been napping). My tongue is swollen and has sores down the sides. I did a bit of work work though, because I also did a bit of C.V. honing. I thought there was no way I should do the latter and not the former when off sick. I also stalked more beautiful baby carriers (I know, there is something wrong with me). I also decorated the tree with AW and the girls, who ‘chose’ the decorations from the bag.

I spoke to my boss who told me I needed to call her on Sunday about how I am feeling, and possibly not even go back then. The woman covering my class is a good friend who shares many of my perspectives in the classroom – I’m so happy that it’s her, especially as they are planning to go ahead with our assembly on this coming Monday, WITHOUT ME!!! I’m really happy for the kids but also sorry I’m not going to be there to guide th through and feel proud of them. But it is to be videoed for me.

Today, we ALSO made letters out of the bubble wrap which has so often almost been thrown out.

Mum, AW or Auntie have all said to me,”What’s this? A drawer full of bubble wrap? Do you want all that?”

Me (indignantly): Yes!

Them: What for?

Me: My art projects, of course!

Them: (sigh)

They will be used at their first birthday thing (the shape of which is decidedly fuzzy, but know ye that there shall be cake(s). I am also planning the cakes. I think I am going to do two chocolate cakes, each a monkey face.):


Bubble wrap is great for art (especially collage) as it can be painted on one or both sides, and if you are really patient, things can be inserted into the bubbles.

Just for your interest, here is one of my collages:


Ok, sleep calls. But I have a question, working mamas, are any of you on Linked In, and what do you think of it?

(I know, today I am very random.)



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