So, while under house arrest, I have been mostly putting up the Christmas tree, and buying baby things for mum and dad to bring with them. The Christmas tree isn’t finished; we’ll add the decorations together. 🙂

The name of this baby sling is Olive, and I had been waiting for one for a while (they seem quite hard to find (HTF, in sling-mama jargon), but not as HTF as the one called Ivy, which I obviously want eventually too):


Dr confirmed this morning that I definitely have hand foot mouth. Recommended I stay home for another TWO weeks, grrr. I don’t think that will happen, but on the other hand, there is no doubt now that I am contagious. My hands are itchy and my tongue feels too big for my mouth. I have to say I am a wreck; if I were going to work, aside from infecting all the precious millionaire children, I’d be falling asleep in my lunch.

Olive took some steps today. Because she wanted to, not because one of us stood her up and said “Go to mummy!”. It was lovely. Ivy is away. She can now walk across a room. They are both chattering away too. Weirdly, Ivy has done a 180 on the baths and from frenzied squealing and splashing (and pooing, unfortunately- loved that habit…) to frenzied screams at the prospect of getting in.


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