So, school won’t let me come to work. I was waiting to be told this all weekend but heard nothing till I was on my way to work already… Turns out that this weekend the email was down, so school only put two and two together this morning. I am supposed to be off till Friday. (I’d like to insert some funny cartoon here, like my friend Emz over at ‘two wives want a baby’, but I don’t know where to find them… :/ ). This has caused last week’s frenzied rehearsing to be a total waste of time, but otherwise I am not too unhappy about having the chance to catch up on some sleep. To tell the truth, I’m not sure how I have been functioning on so little bad quality (interrupted!) sleep and such a demanding job. So work have asked me to get on with some non-classroom work if I can (and I probably can), at least a bit. If I can blog, I can do other stuff, hey.

Olive’s larger spots are drying up on one leg, but the other leg looks as though some fresh blisters came up today. The spots on her torso have dried up too, and last night she had a long breast feed. So I think the virus is working its way out. My boobs have been terribly sore as she hasn’t wanted to feed, and I have been expressing. Ivy’s skin looks great but she is clearly off her food.

I am currently unsuccessfully trying to catch up on some sleep, but it isn’t working. I think I had too much coffee this morning. To entertain myself, I have been enjoying buying stuff from eBay etc in the Christmas spirit. And in the run up to the arrival of granny and grandpa who can bring some of it over. Some of it is for use now, some not. Obviously also, the birthday is coming up (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?), so I need to rattle my brain over that too.

I have 4 wraps on the way with G&G; three didymos including my first shorter wrap and my first hemp blend; and an Elville Zara triblue.

I have also been looking at retro / 80s toys for the girls, including ‘first generation’ My Little Pony and Cabbage Patch Kids. The latter my parents really disliked so I never had them, but I am concerned about about the negative effects of Barbie/ Disney sorts, and thought we could get a range of funny-looking, cuddly dolls with different ethnicities instead. Later, I am sure the Barbie /Disney princess tyranny will come to the fore but I am really excited about these toys. I think it’s probably a bit early for the girls to be though..? I managed to find a 1995 ‘Asian’ Cabbage Patch Kid, and she was quite cheap.

If you remember Cabbage Patch Kids from when you were a kid yourself, chances are you also remember these guys… I collected them, but suspect they have not survived to this day, unfortunately…!

I want to be with my monkeys now, seeing as I can’t sleep, and I am getting peckish, so toodleoo!






cabbageTop to bottom: Didymos Tom; Didymos lime hemp Pfau; Didymos Lisa; Zara Triblue; 1985 Cabbage Patch Kid; 1995 ‘Asian’ Cabbage Patch Kid;


One thought on “Quarantine

  1. When this post came up on the wp reader it was the title Quarantine, with a photo of a my little pony. That’s weird, thought I, why is the pony under quarantine? 🙂 Enjoy the time off x

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