It has to get worse before it gets better…

Poor sausage! I can’t get pics of the mouth sores, but there is a huge one on her tongue and lots of small ones on her lips.
Ivy is almost spotless, so either she has better immunity or she is at the stage Olive was at about 10 days ago (fever followed by mild rash). Hope not, as is it is the latter I suppose these spots Olive has won’t come out for another week or so, and we’ll be ill for ages yet.

*someone who reads my blog and is visiting Bangkok called round for a visit last night, as I was looking wild-eyed, frazzled and semi-clad. How I would liked to have cultivated that friendship / connection, but this horrible virus has scuppered our weekend. Hopefully she wasn’t too put off by my crazy appearance to want to get a coffee again when she’s back around Christmas!

Today’s spots 😦 :







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