Seeing spots (11 months)


So, we are poorly. We have in fact got hand foot mouth. This is not fun.

Olive had a fever about a week ago and some small spots afterwards. It was a very minor rash and we waited fir three days after the fever broke before making the trip to the Dr. Except by then, the fever and the spots had vanished. Ivy had a fever a few nights ago, and then some mild spots yesterday. Holy crap though, when I got home from work and saw Olive, I said, “Er, let’s go to the Dr now..!” Poor thing. There are so many spots! All over her torso, her bum and genitals, her knees… And of course, her speckled hands, feet, and ulcered lips. 😦

They all just appeared during the day yesterday. Dr says that these spots follow the fever after a few days, and should be gone in about 5 more. Ivy is at an earlier stage so she may be ill for longer. I did love the dr we saw. The girls reached the heady heights of 11 months this week, and because of our government hospital (I expect very similar to how it would be in the UK if vaccinations were carried out at hospitals as opposed to GP clinics), we have barely seen the same dr twice, or been able to form a sensible opinion about one. It was great to have gone to another hospital and found such a great set up with a jovial, knowledgable Dr who did not try to ply our babies with a gazillion different pharmaceutical products.

There are consequences to these nasty spots, though.
1) The girls are off their food. This in turn has loads of knock on effects: Annoying mealtimes with lots of crying and spitting out; hungry waking a in the night; not being able to console Olive with a breast; me having to pump to keep my milk in.
2) We are contagious. Probably all of us. As in adults there are no symptoms, we have to assume we have it. I am waiting to hear back from my school, but I know another teacher/parent was kept home when her child had ‘suspected’ HFM, and we definite have it. I would not ordinarily mind, only this Monday first thing is my class assembly. This last week, my kids and everyone who works with my class have been busting their guts to get our little play about the Great Fire of London ready. All the parents are coming to see it. It ROCKS. It contains historical skills, drama, music, and I will be so sorry for them if that work was for nothing. The timetable challenges for assemblies are such that if rescheduled it could be moved to after Xmas, by which time it will all be boring/ forgotten/ no longer topical. I really hope that I can go to work at least to get that done with my class, and that if I can’t, that it isn’t cancelled. My TA is just fantastic and can lead everything but the singing, and I have a musical pal who has already said he can do that.
A further consequence to our contagiousness could be that Grannie and Grandpa (arriving on 10th!) will have invalidated travel insurance. Ugh. But if they catch it and it is symptomless I suppose it’s no bother?

So we just have to wait, have patience, etc, yadayada. It reminds me of our instruction writing model we have been using, where having delivered / written the instructions, we say ‘A word of warning: Wait patiently at the bottom of the hole until the trouble has passed.’

Here are some spot shots:





3 thoughts on “Seeing spots (11 months)

  1. We had been sooooo healthy until fairly recently! grr
    (I have been squeezing my boob like an udder again as if Olive won’t / can’t drink then I am worried I will dry up!)

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