Babywearing addict

I am officially addicted to baby wearing and wrapping. I am a bit crap at it on the back so far and although I like to carry them on my front, now they are getting rather heavy for that. So I have some studying to do! Luckily there are loads of Youtube channels dedicated to perfecting techniques. You have to really want to learn and be dedicated to the idea of carrying your children for it to be worth it. I apparently missed a TV interview with an idiot (not going to mention her name) who says all this AP (attachment parenting) is crap, so this is a bit topical I think at the moment in the UK.

For newcomers, a collection of gorgeous baby carriers is called a ‘stash’. Here is my current collection. Some were pricey, some were not. Some are cotton, some contain silk, some bamboo and some linen. all have different carrying qualities. I have just traded my gorgeous Ellevill Liberty for a handwoven Bebe Sachi (on its way, and I have 4 more coming with my mum. I told you; I have a bit of a problem, and I am not the first! 

We have a Mei Tai as well for the other folk not happy with wrapping (AW and my mother, when she is here!).




2 thoughts on “Babywearing addict

  1. I have a hard time imagining taking a baby anywhere NOT babywearing! I just got my first sling- a Maya Wrap, and we have an Ergo carrier as well. People have been wearing their babies for thousands of years!

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