Teeth and feet, jobs and bits and bobs

Ivy stood for the first time without holding on yesterday (Wed) and Olive’s next teeth are making an appearance as a trio. She’ll have 5 showing in a few days. Poor Ivy has had a bad time with these teeth; I think I mentioned previously that the girls’ tooth-cutting is just one of the many things they do differently. Olive’s gums open a little dent, which becomes a hole for the tooth to emerge from. Ivy’s not so lucky, and this time she’s has a red face and a fever; you can see by looking that she actually (like, literally) is cutting teeth – the gums don’t move apart at all for her little teeth, so the teeth have to slice through.

Work has been nuts. We have had traing workshops till 5.15 after a full day’s work, for three days in a row. It so happens that that is extra tough in my case because I have virtually no free periods whatsoever until Thursday (tomorrow). I did not even get an interview for the job I applied for, which got me hard. I poured a lot of myself into it. And I thought I had made myself at LEAST interview-worthy. The tough thing about job applications is that everyone is generally very secretive. I don’t know of a pool of differing-in-style successful application packs, so I always feel that I am shooting into the dark rather; there is just no basis for comparison.

Hey Ho. When (if!!!) I get a minute, I will soon collate a list of schools I am particularly interested in and start with speculative applications. I will expecting many of these to be ignored, but will include a note to add that I will reapply for specific posts as they come up. I got my first teaching job that way, and I am definitely a proactive sort of person. It will at least make me feel a little more in control of my destiny.

Tomorrow, AW goes off on a trip to the new hotel in her company’s select network. It is a super-high-end place whose menu is designed to attract the wealthy and health conscious (Ben Affleck’s wedding took place at their Caribbean private island place. You get the idea.). Anyway, she has been chosen to teach the new employees (80 of them) with the executive head chef (the one who oversees all of their resorts). It is SO great and such good exposure and for her absolute mastery of her craft. However we are all a bit ‘eeeesh!’ About it, as it is our first separation since the babies were born, and it is going to last 6 days /nights. And in addition to
Auntie, we have also got ‘Rma’ (granny in Chinese) staying, to ‘help’. Burn out my eyes with hot pokers, please!

Watch this space for more fascinating gems. I think I neglected to mention that Ivy did such a whopper of a poo the other day, that it left a big turd outside her nappy because there was just no room left in there. Because of the rest of the whopping-great-poo. I also neglected to mention that we have some besties staying in the hotel next door for three weeks, and that we went together to ikea and bought a tunnel for O and I!



I also neglected to mention that for my own ‘professional development’, I signed up to do a Job-alike-workshop on the 9th, thinking that no one would come. But they have signed up! So that’s more work to do… But more to go on the ole’ cv!



4 thoughts on “Teeth and feet, jobs and bits and bobs

  1. Teething is the next thing we’re already a bit afraid of… We still have colic symptoms and with “our luck”, M will start teething like at 4 months… just as soon as we’ll get rid of the previous “phase”.

    But, luckily, there are soothing teething toys to chew and cooling gel and meds for fever etc. so it’s not a same kinda nightmare like last 2,5 months have been (since there hasn’t been single cure or trick, and we’ve tried everything, for colic. Except ear protectors (that kinda yellow big once like what construction workers use, but you cannot sleep w/those on…

    But we hope that your teething will go as smoothly as possible! ❤

    1. It is all a bit fuzzy now, but it does feel as though Ivy was a colicky baby; that she did not stop crying for the first 5 months. It will end. Ivy is actually quite smily now, and ever more and more so.

      I hope things get better for you!

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