10 months

In other news, the girls are 10 months and beginning to look like little people. They stand at every opportunity, and tooth number three is coming. They can understand lots of things. They are both pretty good in the swimming pool, although we aren’t going so much because they still have these pesky colds and I don’t want them to get chilled.

One thing that delights me these days, is that Ivy although she still is not cuddly, responds to me. For so many months she was totally uninterested and unsoothable. That was tough. I worried that breast feeding only O would negatively affect us. But it hasn’t. The difficulty lies in O having to adjust to sharing me more. She’ll be ok.

I’m on half term break at the moment (thank goodness!!) and the alarm is not going off at 5.30. The babies still are though! I came and bopped me on the nose the other morning as I was not awake and she was. It transpired that she was trying to tell us she had pooed so much that she had managed to leave a lovely great turd despite wearing her (full-to-brimming) nappy.

I’m still having techie problems- I have this amazing camera but not the hard wear to process them. My shitty old laptop has just corrupted the HDD with the photos on it for the second time (except that that being the cause didn’t become apparent till this, the second time). Trouble is that I have thd immensely expensive Photoshop on the craptop. I have a new Mac, but don’t know how to use it to process Raw files. So yesterday I edited and processed the Raw files on the old laptop and suddenly the whole hard drive and all the files on it are misbehaving. That must be fixed, because although I can open the pictures, they are unmovable, uncopiable, and therefore can’t be used. I think this is the same malfunction as last time, but I do not plan to plug the HDD back into that laptop. EVER. At least, I need my guy to fix it first, if possible, salvage my files, COPY THEM (no still didn’t manage that- I don’t know how really on the Mac, and on the other computer, well…). And I need an editing program on the Mac.
I have to care for these pics properly, or there’s no point in having such an amazing camera.


5 thoughts on “10 months

      1. Answer me here…or not, or you have my email.
        Tell me about that first week when you 2 ladies met…was it love at first site?

      2. Like everyone says….wishing you and your lovely little family nothing but continued years of love and joy.
        Keep in touch.

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