Teeth again.

Through the fug of whole-house-runny-noses and associated misery, lack of sleep etc, we didn’t notice until yesterday afternoon that both girls have tooth number three already on the way! I feel so excited about seeing their little faces with the addition of these teeth. Is that silly? They already look SO much more like little people than newborns.

Aside from teeth, I have to report that Ivy seems to have made a breakthrough of some kind, and now doesn’t really cry. Yes, you read that right. When she is upset, you still know all about it, but now it is about a specific thing, and we can usually see what that is. No longer are we faced with unexplained and unending tears.

Yesterday we met up with some internet friends for the first time. They were great fun, and so were their jet-lagged little ones :). We spent the afternoon with them and their almost-4-year-old boys at the aquarium. It really was a lovely day.

AW and I have been discussing having more babies again. It’s like this: we WANT more, but are currently not sure we could provide for more. We are fortunate because we have those two healthy embryos on ice; if it takes us five years to decide or to feel ready, our fertility needn’t be the concern it might be if we were starting afresh at 39.

We are psyched about moving. I have no idea if the school will email or call me yet. If not, I’m going to have to wait till the new year, I think. There is a job fair here in January. I may apply for that, too. We know that life almost everywhere else will be more expensive, but I need a break from ASIA and to bring my daughters up somewhere more familiar to me. AW needs a break from Thailand and to gain experience abroad. Operation ExitAsia is up and running. It really IS.

So that’s all good.


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