In 10 days, they’re 10 months!

Well report writing time is over, along with the job application I was putting in (I don’t think anyone currently working with me reads this, but I have informed my boss anyway), we have all recovered from our terrible colds. Now we have one last blistering week before a desperately needed half term break. Let me say this once only; if you think teachers don’t need those holidays, you’re WRONG!

(I’m actually in favour in principle of trying a 4week christmas hol and a 4 week summer hol, but I am not sure I’m in the majority. I just think it is nice to be able to have some wintery time off if you want it; to be able to recharge properly over the Christmas period and to go abroad at that time to escape the weather. It also means that children forget less over the summer break (I’m guessing – but perhaps they’d forget more at Christmas, so it would make no difference? ))

So back to the girls. They are getting quite adept with the walker, and very vocal. I am still not sure whether “no no no” qualifies as a first word, but Olive has been doing it a lot again the last few days. Bless them, they have been quite ill. I resisted antibiotics, but then the snot went all green. It is hard to know what to do as they heinously OVERprescribe medicine in Thailand, and are over-cautious in the UK. As they were both really quite ill (and I know they were, because I had it), I don’t think in this case it was the wrong decision. Now they are still coughing, but in good spirits again. They are leaking less fro their nose-holes too.

I applied for a job. I really want it. I worked really hard on the application, but we’ll see. I am not staying at this school. It is too political. There are LOADS of great things about it, but I leave home at 6.30am and get home at 5. And I have never finished. There are some other issues which have begun only this year and I am not going to write about them here as I am a professional. Those issues have just made my mind up where before there was a chink of doubt.

My class is adorable – perhaps my favourite group of children yet? Do I always say that? I’ll miss these children very, very much. But the best bit of my day is coming home to the big smiles I see from our gorgeous daughters, who’re growing up. They are beautiful, and so alert and bright.






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