Search terms…!

Wtf!? The search terms that bring up my blog are FU*KED UP!!

Should I stop blogging? Go all password protected?

This last week, among the other on-topic searches, there was ‘B*ngkok f*ck images’, ‘Ba*gkok milkma*d’ and ‘pictures of h*t sw*et mu*z (sic) get ba*ged by own s*n.‘.

(I just added loads of asterisks to stop those helping undesirables find it based on this post!)

What would you do?


5 thoughts on “Search terms…!

  1. Ugh!! People are creeps! I have a habit of watching my search terms. I usually don’t find anything nasty, but recently had someone search the word “anal” and it knocked me over the edge (I’m sure I’ve used the word as a description of myself in a non nasty way, probably not my best choice of words). It’s had me contemplating going private since I saw it.

      1. I wouldn’t read it that way? But I also know your blog and the title I guess. But I just don’t see how that would affect it? I have no idea. I know in the settings you can turn search engines off, but I tried to find it recently and couldn’t. Maybe try switching the name and see how your search terms change.

  2. I don’t really know much about how search engines work, but I assume that writing what people have been searching for (as above) might make it be more likely for someone else to be suggested your blog for the same search terms. You could try deleting the phrases from your posts as well as changing the name. Hope you find a workable solution, I enjoy reading your posts.

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