9 months… Holy moly!


Well, I want to post very quickly to document the changes that have occurred this week in Olive. Firstly, she’s started imitating me. I read them this book every night:


and as it is somewhat brief, I add something to the words. Each page is like this:

“What about the next page? Is tha going to be our robot??? (Turn over) No, no, no! That’s not my robot, no, no no! It’s ears are too prickly (or whatever)!”

The reason I am telling you this, is that after 9 months of regularly hearing that tale, this week (Wednesday, perhaps?) Olive saw it at bed time and started shouting “ner ner ner!” And “ner ner ner ner ner!”. We are pretty sure she was copying my ‘No, no, no!’. In fact, we are sure. She does it in response to the book. It blew us away and I spent a lot of the next day showing people that (probably dull) video.

Olive has also managed to stand unaided this week- at least three times. So walking soon, we think. My mum tells me that I was not even crawling at 9 months. I never expected to have two super-fast crawlers at this age. She has begun clapping (just yesterday) too. Ivy is developing in different ways; she sees EVERYTHING. You can see that nothing gets past her watchful eyes. She loves waving things around in the air and is extremely bouncy.

The girls both love “where’s mummy!?” and now delight in seeing each other, squealing in excitement together. So cute!

There is other stuff going on, but I will keep it to that for now, apart from to tell you that we are pretty much fine with co-sleeping at the moment; but at least 50% of the nights someone wakes at 4.30 and refuses to go back to sleep. So that’s annoying.


However, despite some of the stressful things going on in my life, I retain an acute awareness of my luck and privilege. I have made bad decisions, and am still suffering the consequences of some of those, but as a result I am a strong and thoughtful person.

Thank you, whomever I need to thank, for my three loves. Whatever the future holds, I have already known true happiness.


3 thoughts on “9 months… Holy moly!

  1. Are those cloth diapers? If so, how do you like them? We still have diapers from my baby shower and haven’t had to pay for any yet but when we run out I am considering using cloth diapers and wipes.

    1. Hmmm. We use them but only at home. And in the daytime. If you are out, you’d have to carry about stinky nappies. At night, I’m sure they’d be too wet. But they still save us lots of disposable nappies. I also got them second hand (from a Facebook group) so they were not expensive. 🙂

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