I have found a new daily sport. As I get my motorbike taxi into work, I check out my blog stats. If you blog, and don’t do that, you should; you’re missing out.

I’m particularly interested in the terms that bring up my blog in good old Google.

Obviously some searches are done with the blog name in mind, and others with my username. Others are obviously serendipitous finds such as “pregnancy lesbian bangkok” or “getting pregnant bangkok”.

Regularly though, I’m getting searches which pertain to an altogether different sort of site. i’m mostly amused, but it’s all the more reason to password protect the girls’ images.

“Hot t**ns da*cing all night” (after the sl*tpop post); “bangkong giril f**k lisbean girl [sic]”, and this morning “2 g*ys bangkok”.

Erm. Ok.
Now I see them all together like that, maybe I need to do something.

Watch this space. I’m reading the compelling parenting tome “the Lolita Effect” in preparation for 10 years’ time. It is GREAT. I mean, the content is terrible, but the message is great. Will muse further and post later.


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