I can’t believe that the girls are going to be 9 months old in 10 days.

Anyway, wanted to tell you how the sleeping is going.

So there are four of us in a bed. I love it. Our huge cot we bought has never really been used. The girls sleep quite well; most of the time from 7.30-2.30ish and then there might be a few minor disturbances. The only negative is that they are up at 5am pretty much every day, meaning that we are too. No respite! Olive is used to just popping on and off my boob and barely disturbs me. As we have just moved apartments and will need to declutter, we think we might abandon the cot. The girls are too big to share it now. Not decided yet. If we sell it and regret it, there is always Ikea!

Any perspectives on co-sleeping? I never thought we’d do that, but once they arrived, it just happened. I was really concerned about co-sleeping and returning to work, but I’m fine. Some days/nights are worse than others, but it works.

In other news, Olive’s second bottom tooth might be coming in, as might Ivy’s top one (which would number three). The girls are little people, moving about so much that it is impossible to remember that they once couldn’t.

In other other news, we have been put up in a hotel due to our rodent drama, and have been moving rooms at our condo. Could not face the possibility of more ratty encounters. we were not going to move, but last saturday we were greeted with fresh rat shit, so we changed our minds. Imagine if the girls ate that filthy stuff!! Over the last week, our stuff has been spread across three places, which has been tricky. So far though I’m keeping on top of having my own lovely class, and I don’t feel as tired as I thought I might. Now the majority of our stuff is all in the new room, but very much not In Its Place. Good job we are here in the hotel room till Saturday. There will be some time to organise before we are kicked out. Not much, but a bit. I don’t want to stay here longer- the yummy (free) buffet brekkie is proving bad for my waistline, and exercise routines have been suspended while we have no washing machine (yeah, that is also fun!!).

I’m loving having a class – it’s fab. We made this crazy octopus together for the book corner. It’s famous around school! I do love my family, and my job, so I am a very lucky girl!!! 🙂


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