I wanted the really quickly throw in my tuppence on the Miley Cyrus hoo-ha.

1) I am not surprised that she’s made the transition from sugar-sweet to bad girl (who is?).
2) I have only seen clips of her antics with foam fingers
3) It did look weird (toys etc? And sex? (Not sex toys, I mean the giant teddy bears combined with the dance moves))
4) What was that big-ass weird teddy bum-rimming? Are the black girls onstage just sexy objects?
5) all the most successful female pop acts are compelled by the industry to pretty much perform / dress similarly, so what in particular got everyone’s goat? She is just the product of a horrible industry.
6) WHY IS THAT FILTHY SONG she was dancing to even a hit?

Robin Thicke? Is that his name? What a dick (why is the strongest insult a female word?)! I am appalled by the sentiments of that song.

I have something to say about slutpop in general too, as this is mert symptomatic. By slutpop, I am mainly referring to overtly vulgar or sexual music videos by generally male stars, and even female artists such as Brittney, Beyonce, Gaga and Rhianna, whose lyrics and general packaging encourage sexual (ahem) ’empowerment’.
Why do women have to remove almost all clothing to be ’empowered’? why must ’empowered’ (and fully clothed) men be surrounded by prancing and scantily clad (or naked) women? I minded as a primary (elementary) school teacher that that this imagery has no age grading or airtime regulation. I still mind as a parent . I might add, that as an adult I really enjoy dancing to R&B and I do sometimes listen to the music i’m slagging off. It’s the visuals I object to, and I argue that they are inappropriate for children who are growing up and looking for role models. They are inappropriate both in terms of body image and in terms of a narrow and unequal definition of sex appeal as synonymous with success and self worth.

I know we can’t hark back to a Singin’ in the Rain era of romantic popular music, but it all have to be so x-rated? Why do children need to be aware of sexiness? Kylie’s videos when I grew up had her sitting in sunny fields or skipping (SKIPPING!) around bad studio sets.

Surely Miley knows that she’s pretty, and can get boyfriends? I know she has spent years skipping and grinning… as did Brittney in the Disney club, but they still have a very young fan base and it worries me, ugh. Although I run to Brittney Spears, I’m constantly tutting at her lyrics’, well, sluttiness (errrr… “All of the girls and all of the boys are dying to if you seek Amy”).

I realise that The Music Video as a medium has become far more important, but if the nature of the music video has changed, the argument for age regulation must be broadened accordingly. How Internet viewing could itself be regulated, that’s another kettle of fish.


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