Baby news

I’m back at work and totally exhausted, as olive’s sleeping is still hit and miss. I has forgotten how intensive the first weeks are with a new class/ room/ assistant. The school also has a new manager and she is very present; walking in and out all the time, all day, unannounced. She is nice enough, and I’m good at my job, but it increases that pressure.

Olive is a nocturnal BOOB MONSTER. I’m a bit stressed as I love sharing the bed but have to face up to the fact that maybe it isn’t working for us, and that making a change will involve a real battle of wills. Not nice 😦 Her first tooth is coming in. Ivy has two. Ivy has worked out that cupboards can be opened and shut, and that plug socket covers can be picked out (I don’t know how she did that!). Ivy has enough hair at the Na k to go in a *teeny* pigtail which looks ridiculous. They are just amazing. We love them!

I’m obsessed with beautiful baby wraps. Google ‘Artipoppe’ (I’m not planning on buying one, but I can aspire….). I don’t get to use the ones I have enough. Determined to use tomorrow. ( The stash is growing…. 🙂 )



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